Utility Company Forces People To Conserve Energy

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Written by Romanian TVee


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  1. What about when my 100 year old grandmother was living with my parents? There's no way we're the only people in that situation. If they do it to people that choose to, it means they can do it to anybody.

  2. As a Coloradoan, I'm surprised they didn't plan for more electricity usage. Water is already expensive ASF and they have peak hours for electricity usage. Granted Colorado used to be purple (and is full on blue tbh) thanks to the weed hippies that are taking over Denver. So maybe I'm not that surprised

  3. It's not incompetence, unless you think almost all western politicians and 'experts' have been stoopid for the last 20 years. A person with a diploma LITERALLY can't be incompetent enough to not realize that shutting down energy production (or farms, or the economy, …) will lead to serious problems.

  4. My Family and I moved from Colorado right before it went Super Woke to Tennessee. At the time we did not want to go, but had little choice. When I was young I never thought I would be so happy to have moved to the South.

  5. This is gonna be another hit to the smart industry. We already saw that people are giving up on smartphones, straight up downgrading to the ones that can do nothing more than call and message. If it wasn't for that roalert bullshit we'd see it here too. But this is a solid show of what smart means. It means you are dumb and you're letting someone else rule your life. PRetty sure at some point they're gonna try to do mind control chips with the motto "afraid you are making bad decisions? With this new device you can connect to a vast database of experience and know better" and suddenly you're just a drone for the government. Or worse, they start mandating those for health and safety reasons.

    Either we are going to see a revolution in the following years or civilization in some parts of the planet will outright die.

  6. These thermostat owners wouldn't be the ones who got SMART thermostats for the some amount off their bill?
    Oh Yes. Yes it is. What could possibly go wrong? Well now you know the rest of the story.

  7. Yknow Vee, you ask at the end which video “What you guys think?”

    Shit is fucked man. I didn’t take the vax cause that was my point, that was the point where I wasn’t happy with my freedom being taken. I know that everyone will reach their point, but how far down the track will that be?

    Shit is fucked.

  8. Why do people want things connected to the internet? How long before your entire inventory of “smart” appliances turns off when you get put in timeout for talking with your kids about the before times?

  9. The grill didn't shut down and require an update. The grill was inoperable DURING the update. That's not as bad as you think, and it's rational. No device continues to operate while it's being updated. Not your computer, not your phone, nothing.

  10. I was looking at the average gas prices of Hawaii, California, Nevada, and Oregon and the only two high gas prices that I can see make sense is Hawaii and Alaska, not precisely easy to get supplies there.

  11. In Texas. No need. You're forced by the companies your utilities cut off "rolling" usages overload in certain counties. Now the freeze which crippled our state made certain companies to charge thousands of dollars to families for usage that was NEVER on. These smart billing and usage is population control.

  12. I predict that many left wing states will bite the dust soon since they think “climate change” is the paramount problem of today! AC or heating or hot water, these things do not matter!

  13. So fun to have a 'smart' house when you're a lazy fuck and can't bother to get up to turn off the lights or change a thermostat setting. It's better to control every thing in your house from your phone. The problem is that others can control stuff in your house as well.

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