UVA Students BLAST Pence Campus Speech As ‘Unsafe’, BEG Admin To CANCEL Former VP: Robby Soave

Robby Soave describes the backlash at an upcoming appearance from former Vice President Mike Pence at the University of Virginia.

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  1. And every time colleges , or whoever , bows to.these threats itfurthers their power .
    Its gotta be dealt with at some point in time …
    They say someone wil! Die because there may be riots …
    From the same people saying there will be violence..

  2. We are reaping the coddling of our children…..the trophy for everyone generation never learned to respect their elders. They were taught the world revolves around them and they are right and correct in every thought they have. Some hard lessons headed their way i would guess.

  3. Oh my gosh!! These college students are pure unadulterated dummies at this point. How is speech “unsafe” and “violent”?! If you don’t want to hear what he has to say, don’t show up!! Gotdamn!!!

  4. Once again college students show how successful the WOKE creeps have been in dismissing freedom of speech amongst the young. Resist these post modernist thugs with everything you got.

  5. “The branding of support for free speech being a right wing thing, is the most stunning turnaround in my lifetime”

    Me too, Ryan that’s why I’m no longer on the left.

  6. “The branding of support for free speech being a right wing thing, is the most stunning turnaround in my lifetime”

    Me too, Ryan that’s why I’m no longer on the left.

  7. You know what’s unsafe? The end of free speech and coddling college students under the premise that they shouldn’t hear certain ideas! These folks have gone insane.

  8. The only practical way to stop this is for school administrators across the country to reverse course and start punishing students for infringing on the right to free speech. The default position of a university should be that free speech shall not be infringed. If an individual/group actively tries to bar or disrupt a speaker who has been invited by a student group formally recognized by the university, then the person/group causing the disruption should be automatically suspended pending a hearing by school administrators. The burden is then shifted onto the disrupter to establish to school administrators why the speech causes ACTUAL harm. It should be well understood that college is supposed to be a place where students get exposed to new ideas, even if those ideas make them uncomfortable. If the student/group continues to disrupt free speech, then they should be expelled from the university. There is nothing wrong with activism, but student activists cross the line when they bar other students, who may be genuinely interested in understanding a different perspective, from learning opportunities.

  9. Thing is: I'm all for free speech but what these people are doing is not 'free speech'. This is silencing, threatening punishment.

    You'd have an easier time converting an ISIS Jihadi to Judaism than you will of convincing these people of anything that doesn't align with their (horrid) views. Problem is, these people control a major political party (Democratic Party) and they're embedded into every level of government (local to federal – local school boards are a good example of this).

    The stark authoritarianism, the delusional beliefs (words are violence) they have. You can't talk to these people, they won't listen (and will try to punish you), and they're grabbing more and more power.

  10. Pence does not have "a right" to speak at a college. They can invite him or not. Students DO have a right to talk to the college administration and get speakers they want to listen to. Maybe they would rather listen to music or comedy. It's not a violation to not invite that pious boring guy. They should invite someone who is more fun

  11. People are wussies. When I was in school, we had speakers I was morally opposed to. I just didn't go to the speech. I did something I wanted to do instead. Sadly, people don't grow out of this mindset. When Trump came to speak in my state, they tried to take up all his tickets to prevent people from going. Luckily, his supporters were still able to go. I wouldn't want to attend a Trump or Biden speech, but I do not understand the arrogance it takes to feel as though I have the right to try to impede or prevent their followers from listening to them. Their supporters have a right to peacefully assemble and listen to them. If they come to my area, I just don't go to the speech. I live my life instead. I don't understand people who can't do the same.

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