Uvalde Mom Rescued Her Kids During Shooting, Cops Said They’d ARREST Her If She Talked: Robby Soave

Robby Soave demands answers after an Uvalde mother revealed she was threatened with arrest for speaking to the press about last month’s Robb Elementary school shooting.

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  1. People think cops were just standing outside…..they were waiting inside and outside. This was done for a reason. What it is I'm sure I don't know for sure, but this was purposely allowed.

  2. It's pretty simple. If you are a man who's compelled to wear a macho hat and sport a village people mustache / police uniform, and who gets off on exerting force on traffic violaters…there's a pretty good chance you're a coward.

  3. What if the whole thing was planned? What if this is some design to set up the use of guns in such a way that gun control acquires greater public sentiment? Do the words and actions of public officials lend themselves to such a suspicion?

  4. This lady and wht happened to her should be addressed and some answers and possible charges for these cops in dereliction of duty. Something she needs recognition and the cops actions examined for lack of doing their duty.

  5. It went down the way it did because it was INTENDED to go down the way it did.
    The ONLY story here is what ABC Chicago reported that they took DNA SAMPLES FROM THE PARENTS TO 'FURTHER THE INVESTIGATION'.
    Report on that. Nothing else matters.

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