V Shaped Recovery Continues as 4.8 Million Jobs Generated in June

A years’ worth of jobs in a month:

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  1. When you have 60 million unemployed do the 5 million jobs a month is 12 months. Don't forget the 6 million lost in June which get ignored. Companies making no profits, the fed buying every major company's stock.

  2. So the fed lowers the stock buying last week and guess what the market did… exactly the same thing, stalling! Market correction to 14,000 a comin'!!!

  3. you ALL have the PERFECT opportunity to trim the GOVERNMENT PORK!! Way too many USELESS/UN NEEDED offices, stealing from the people.

  4. We have to stop the masks now. It's horrendous. Free people should not be forced to cover their faces for a cold virus with a recovery rate of over 99.5%

  5. I live in California and we are supposedly locked down right now, no one cares! People go out and do what they want, no mask no worries. Our government can’t read statistics but we can and we don’t see an issue! Our government is only bleeding it’s legitimacy through creating laws and restrictions that people will not follow.

  6. The pandemic Showed that progressives are also Doomers. They like it, they delight in hearing people suffer and be poor. Thats probably why they turn cities bad.

  7. The American people won't stand for a second, universal lockdown after having regained their freedom after the first one. The first lockdown is too fresh in their memories.

  8. I would REALLY like to vet these jobs reports. All my friends were let go during the quarantenes…at BEST 1 in 7 have been rehired and the rest are sitting on the umemployment line.

    Some V shaped curve

  9. Actually the side effects of using marijuana has killed people.
    if you can say that beer kills people when it's really just driving drunk than I can say that marijuana kills people when they fall of a f**** roof.

    And long term marijuana usage actually is bad. Look it up.

  10. People don't blame Trump for the lockdowns and all the craziness; they blame their local leaders. One reason the virus stats are so lopsided: more people are positive w/less fatalities, is that the Dems got carried away. They are so desperate to keep the mask crap going until the election, so that we will have to use mail in ballots and they will have a tried and true cheating method, that they only focused on ADDING new cases and thought the fatalities would keep on going up. However, they got push back from drs who would not call a death a "CoVid fatality" if the person died from a gunshot wound or a heart attack etc. They wanted them to use Covid19 as the primary cause of death and the gunshot wound as secondary. (I saw that memo with my own eyes, sent to health claim coders from the Natl Data/Statistics agency- they decide on how claims get filed and paid etc). But drs, coroners freaked. AND they didn't want the deceased tested either, just assume it is positive because pandemic etc.Then they offered to PAY hospitals to do it. Some did, some wouldn't.
    Next, they also changed what was considered a "positive" test to include "PROBABLE" and "POSSIBLE". Next we have this: when someone is swabbed and positive (or not depending on symptoms and dr), they are sent to get a blood test. Here's the thing: they are counted for the swab, and the blood test-so that's 2 from one person. And remember "probable"? Well even if negative both times they are counted as probably positive. If they go to the dr for a follow up and get some blood work done? Yup- positive again. If they break their leg and go to THE ER? You guessed it!
    So one person is counted numerous times. The other oddity is that swabs seem to test everyone positive, sick or not sick, animal or fruit. (True). So are they even correct?

    The other note of contention is that these tests only test for CORONA, not specifically #19, according to drs. (It has to do with mitochondria, RNA and other smart stuff I can't explain
    well but its on the web) And we've all been exposed to the common corona cold or the flu OR a FLU SHOT. So many MANY people will test positive for Corona. This is also a man made hacked virus and I believe having a flu shot is part of its killing ability.
    But that's another story. Blessings…LL101

  11. You have no idea what you’re talking about. There is no free market and there hasn’t been for a while now. Trump is better for the middle class than the other guy but Trump is also in bed with the Fed. The stimulus bill is there to keep the people poor and reliant on the gov. PPP was there for the rich, which is why politicians and Hollywood all took some. UBI kills the free market. Millions in the US are maxing out their credit cards and banks are preparing for a collapse. Your views are way off. I’m far from an expert but I simply don’t see a recovery out of this. US will have to crash and reset. We’re talking about a culture of consumers who buy useless things with money they don’t have, in debt up to their ears, no savings, expensive healthcare and education, increasing taxes and inflation, etc. Your rants about stocking up on canned beans and water were useless. And now you’re still part of this Trump vs the rest debate failing to realize they’re all in the same bed. The way it will play out is like this…US will unite with Canada, Mexico, and few useless European nations like Ukraine and Poland. China will unite with Russia and some more important EU countries like Germany. Working closer on economic trade. We’re already seeing Chinese economy slightly recover and Germany only having a 6% unemployment. Meanwhile, in the US people are still arguing about masks, states are shutting down again, and people are becoming more divided by the day. Everyone is focused on nonsense and completely oblivious to the real issues.