VA is FUBAR for the DNC – The VA Election Rant

The Trump Curse is still very real, my friends.

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Written by The Rageaholic

The Excellence of Elocution


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  1. communists cant run for office out right in the public though we should extend this to all socialist groups and any left wing groups. out law them from power or at least if they do get in police them so hard that they can't do shit.

  2. Ok, maybe I'm suicidal or insane or whatever but, actual lefty in the comments, hit me.

    Both Youngkin and McAuliffe are right wing corporatists with connections to Carlyle group's anti-worker agenda. McAuliffe, like Biden, ran an incompetent campaign and is far removed from any fraction of what progressives and the assorted left want in America.

  3. I was one of the Virginia voters who voted a solid republican ticket. I will admit though that I was not expecting the truth to with the day. Much like with the 2020 election I was expecting more fraud.

  4. OPEC won’t pump more oil?? Why would they, when we drove their prices into the ground. We were an energy exporter for 4 years. Now we are begging Sauids to help us. Wake up!

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