Vaccine Adverse Events in the US VAERS System

Vaccine Adverse Events in the US VAERS System

Let’s review VAERS data for the vaccine associated adverse events as reported by the receivers or their family/friends/physicians.

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CDC presentation about the adverse events

Bloomberg tracker for the vaccination

Don’t know how good is the fact check, however, here is their link:

CDC on the vaccine doses in the USA

Clotting information

Cases of myocarditis

CDC on myocarditis

ACIP reschedule their meeting for the myocarditis due to Juneteenth holiday. Seriously?

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  1. Already Permanently Vaccine Injured 2009; living with the injuries. This was not reported by Medical Industrial Complex. I tried to report it; don't know if successful. Agency Data so skewed; dangerously not correct it accurate. Reported NeuroInvasive West Nile Viruses; Bioterrorism released on US Phoenix and Scottsdale AZ. Have antibodies to Viruses not risking more permanent damage; death. Will take my chances surviving Viruses, have survived many over the years. Think about it! Your Life!

  2. Vaccines fail for treating the flu, HIV and the corona virus for one simple reason: Broad antigenic shift! That is to say, the genetic structure changes too rapidly for any Ab stimulating vaccine to make a difference.

    [The manufacturers efficacy stats are regarding one particular variant or another of the virus. The same vaccine will have 0% effectiveness against other viral variants, (e.g., Why South Africa rejected Astra Zeneca’s vaccine.)]

    One significant problem with many vaccines: they are frequently made using mouse brains and human tissue together with live attenuated viruses – Which can and has resulted in infecting humans with animal RNA viruses! Additionally, the big pharma monopolies that make them are COMPLETELY FREE OF LIABILITY even should they kill you! I wish I had such waiver in my medical practice!

    China controlled covid largely due to their liberal use of antivirals meds. Those antiviral shootouts – comparing the antivirals – are published in many peer review journals. It is something China learned in 2003 during the first Sars outbreak.

    The WEST refuses to talk about antivirals as that would dilute their vaccine profits.

    If you review the preponderance of the peer-review empirical evidence the picture becomes clear: In the final analysis, the best candidates for the treatment of Covid-19 are Favipiravir, Kaletra (Lopinavir/Ritonavir), Arbidol [all of which are approved]; and, remdesivir [I am not sure of approval status]

    The drugs are approved for use with Covid-19, so your treating physician would be committing malfeasance for not considering them.

    My fav considerations are: Favipiravir, Arbidol and Remdesivir

    Sofosbuvir has the best safety profile: I am very eager to see other studies with Sofosbuvir. It is single dose oral and very, very safe

    [Please message me for peer-review journal citations to take to your treating physicians or some other bureaucrats]

  3. Looking at the data would you recommend people with autoimmune disease like Rheumatoid Arthritis get the vaccine? I saw something coming out of Israel about this?

  4. 789 cases of myocarditis. 9% of the vaccinated people were young people aged 12 to 24, but 53% of those affected with myocarditis & pericarditis.

  5. I've already had covid while pregnant, so did my husband and my son. My grandfather, sadly, passed away in January. My husband carries the gene for higher platelets which was passed on to my daughter. I am borderline anemic always and am still recovering from a cesarean. During my pregnancy I had heart palpitations, after covid, and I do occasionally get chest pain which has always happened before covid.
    They are telling people 90-95% of hospitalizations right now are those who haven't been vaccinated and it's the unvaccinated spreading the new covid varient. My husband works in pharmacy and my son will be going to school this year.
    I know the risk of death may be low, but the risk of complications is high. I don't want to not wake up one day. Not being able to see my husband's face or my children again..
    Is this vaccine worth it? Are these worries that I have invalid?
    Everyone is telling me I should be fine, more women get blood clots from birth control than from the vaccine.
    Do I risk it? Will I be ok if I get it? What if I don't get the vaccine and I get covid again and end up dying from that or something happens to my children?
    I just don't know anymore…

  6. Great job on the data dive. Brings up so many questions about the lack of responsibility on the CDC's part. Science should never be involved in politics. Sounds like they all just want to control the narrative. But if they actually showed the protocol and explained it and people could hear it from their doctors as well all would be better. Going on holiday while children are getting sick or dying is unacceptable and these people should be fired. Question: What are your thoughts on having a titer pulled to see if you have antibodies before getting the vaccine?

  7. Every single person that I know who has had side effects after getting the vaccine has been told that it can’t possibly be because of the vaccine….everything from Bell’s palsy to ongoing arm pain, lasting for months…I do hair and talk to a lot of ppl all day and I’ve heard incident after incident and it’s the same story. They are silenced and written off and most of the time they trust their doctors so they don’t report and just suffer.

  8. If they want me to trust the vaccine, they would pull the immunity protection so we can sue them if we get major side effects

  9. Fauci has been exposed as the #1 reason Covid 19 was created, and now he is mad, after Ran Paul gave him a verbal lashing as a LIAR!
    This is how he is fighting back, to take their focus off of him, as parents fight against teachers, and customers fight against businesses, and employers fight against employees, who have had a whole year of barely being able to breath 8 hours a day, plus many took a chance on an experimental vaccine too, and they are still being lied too, by everyone in power.

  10. So basically they want people to take the vaccine to stop Covid-19 even if it means a few extra deaths. The ends justify the means. The lives of few for the lives of many.

  11. The CDC and WHO among all similar agencies will be done after this. They were the agencies we trusted and they have been so corrupted by big pharma and the billionaires in the WEF, we will never be able to trust them again. Dismantle and diversify so this can never happen again. Sadly, millions, possibly hundreds of millions, will die in the coming years from conditions brought about by these shots, including autoimmune disorders and cancers. We will likely have an epidemic of sterility, as well. This mess will be so far behind us, it's likely people will never make the connection between their conditions and these shots.

  12. My uncle received the Oxford/AZ vaccine. A week later he started feeling not so well, but only at night before sleep (he would wake up fine). It was just a weak headache, low fever (some 39 celcius). That lasted 3 days, then he was diagnosed with Covid and went to the hospital. One more week and he needed the tubes to breath. He was developing ok, his urine was a bit low, so they did the hemodialysis a couple of times. Then just as they started to reduce the drugs to bring him back from artificial breathing, he had a strong and generalized stroke, no single intervention possible. 3 days later he died. I will never know if the Jab was helping him, or killed him. Officially he died of Covid complications.

    AFAIK he did not receive ivermectin or other early treatments.

  13. I was vaccine hesitant, but this year I got both Moderna shots. I'm not telling anyone what to do, I'm just relaying my experience here. I still have a lot of questions and concerns, and I suspect I caught covid in Nov 2019 even though it wasn't officially "out" yet. It was a nasty 4-week long "flu" that gave me lingering joint pain as if I had arthritis. So fast forward to May/June 2021…the first shot gave me an instant headache and made me feel slightly nauseous for about a half hour, with very light nerve issues in my left leg that went away after about 20 minutes. (I have a severe form of migraine that acts more like MS, so I get hemiplegic from time to time…it's not exactly autoimmune, so even tho I was very apprehensive, I didn't think I was high risk due to not being diagnosed with an autoimmune disease at this point) The second shot put me down for a full week. The first day, I could barely get out of bed to use the restroom and I didn't eat. I had a high-ish fever and mostly slept for 3 days in a row, and the rest of the week felt like I had a full on flu…still feverish and everything. But after that passed, I started to feel less joint pain and more energy, and now that it's been almost 2 months I have more flexibility. I have noticed, tho, that there's something about Vit D still…I need A LOT of it. I also need to keep moving and exercising, because it feels like the calcium is leaching out of my bones when I stay inside for a few days or sit around too much. I'm wondering if some people don't have a blood-brain barrier, like some dog breeds (Collies don't have a blood-brain barrier, but most dogs do), because it seems like anyone who's suffering from neurological problems right after a drug, vaccine, food, etc probably doesn't have that barrier. I can't find any studies on that subject. The distrust people have has been earned by the 'Gill Bates' of the world interfering with gov't & health when they shouldn't be…anyone who thinks the world needs to be depopulated should start with themself. This might be Pharma's last big money roll before we get universal health care based on actual good health instead of drug dependence, but who knows. It's sad no matter what we do. Good luck, everyone…do what you need to do to survive this, just don't purposely hurt anyone in the process. OK, so I am kind of telling you what to do. lol Peace.

  14. We elderly do not want children placed at risk with vaccination on our account! If a person does not want to get sick with covid, then wear an N95 mask-take care of yourselves

  15. I’d never take ivermectin willy-nilly, but if you do, please check that you won’t have any drug interactions with your prescribed medications. I’m just a concerned peer; no hate, please.

  16. 90% of doctors have been vaccinated. On thing to understand about this database is that the data isn't confirmed, and there isn't causal evaluation. So, although it's one source of data, it also isn't as accurate as people seem to believe it is.

  17. I work as a para in special education.
    I felt so awful for the kids this last year having to wear masks all day.. I am hoping they dont make these kids get vaccinated this year.. As for myself, I wont be working in public school if they try to force me.

  18. 44:00 I’m father of a college age male. Unfortunately vaccines are mandated at university. I’m looking at all options including vaccinations. It seems Janssen adenovirus version is safer.

  19. My friends mum had a full health check and was given a perfect bill of health age 65 one week later she went for her jabs 5 days after her second jab she died from a massive heart attack! The family now wants answers and can’t have a funeral because the investigation needs an autopsy! She was one of the nicest ladies iv ever met and it’s disgusting how peoples lives are being messed with! I hope we get these bastards responsible one day! ?

  20. When you can’t understand why these drugs are not approved One should consider that the FDA, NIH and CDC are either corrupt or are being threatened or …..are being controlled by mind control and yes they can do mind control ! We are talking Trillions here folks !