Vaccine APARTHEID: Don Lemon’s Covid BOMBSHELL

CNN’s Don Lemon has told his viewers that it’s time to shun and leave behind those who refuse to get vaccinated.
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Written by Russell Brand


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  1. They should remember that we will not be left behind. What we will do is the same as the elite and government…take what we need without mercy or compassion.
    He is right that you don't have to listen to people…like Lemon, government officials, bought and paid for scientists.

  2. It's crazy the US goverment created a corona virus to test on navy soilders in the 80s to see how a virus would spread onboard a vessel and almost 40 years later this generation is allowing it to shut country down. They tried to get Chappel netflix special pulled and allowed the world to shut down…what is this new generation gonna allow to happen next

  3. Don Lemon is a crybaby who can’t decide if he’s white or black and rocks back and forth based on whose agenda he supporters. He’s also a sad testimony to what the we currently call journalism. He is a reality show host who believes his opinion and values replicate America which, most Americans can tell you is not true.

    To group people or force people to a way of thought is typical of the Democratic and Liberal parties which believe that freedom of anything really means “think like us or just let us do your thinking for you.”

    Autonomy is cornerstone of our country. We are a free republic and to deny that freedom means you no longer want to live in a free America but a socialist nation where the government decides all. People like Don, who will lose his position and wealth ought to have more sense, don’t you think?

  4. It's ok Don cry when people are discriminating against a black gay guy. But there is absolutely no problem at all discriminating against those who choose not to have the vaccine.

    What an absolute embarrassment of a human being. But then again why am I surprised that an elite that should have been swallowed before being concived is picking and choosing when it's ok to discriminate.

  5. I’m weird, I agree with everything he’s saying about understanding people and not immediately condemning them. But at the same time I do believe some people do need to be judged. I don’t agree that entire groups of people should be judged as a whole but I do believe that the people who treat other humans horribly without actually attempting to know them first should be judged just so they can understand how they make other people feel. I don’t mind being judged as long as the person judging me actually attempts to know me. And my dualistic, seeing both sides of things is the reason I agree with russel even tho I personally don’t believe that people who don’t give compassion should receive compassion until they know how bad it feels and can learn to give it. Don’t hate who someone used to be, but do act accordingly to how they currently are. Idk😂

  6. When I got the j&j shot I was out of work for 2 days because of side effects. Luckily my kids were with their mom, I would not have been able to take care of them. I was expecting side effects like most of the billion vaccines we got in the army but the covid vaccine was the hardest one I've experienced, I wasn't ready for it.

  7. Man, Lemon is an appropriate name for a strange fruit…

    …I also love how that short bus poster BOY automatically lumped all who resist into the Trump camp. Hmm…I remember a certain arancine property developer engaging in such pedantic demagoguery, and Lemon lost his fucking mind, over it.

  8. What I simply choose not to be Vaccinated. No details, no one's business. Or I do get Vaccinated, but see no reason to inform anyone about my medical decision. I don't feel any moral obligation to inform others of my decision.
    How have we degraded ourselves to such an extent as to deny and demonize our neighbors their personal choices.

  9. Side effects come up again and again, where are people reporting their side effects. They do not give you a card that says "go here and tell us about your experience". Most are not even going to their dr for the shot and have no where to turn if they have any reaction to the vaccine.

  10. As far as I'm aware the vaccine doesn't stop u dying from covid doesn't stop you getting covid, doesn't stop you spreading covid,
    So what does the vaccine do exactly!!! Under certain reasons including the ones above is the reason why I've not had the vaccine. I'm not absolutely against having it but I've not seen the reasons why need to, I very rarely take medication so my body is dealing with illnesses. It's ironic because before covid the news was about people taking antibiotics to much which eventually is starting to have less effectiveness anymore! Also no trust in the government when it comes to this virus and rules which don't add up. And u can find ingredients to alot of drugs but try and find what's in the vaccine! My opinion lol

  11. Shouldn’t the vaccinated not need the beds since they have the vaccine that’s supposed to protect them from this virus… henceforth they shouldn’t need hospitals at all

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