Vaccine breakthrough infections

COVID-19: risk factors linked to post vaccination breakthrough infections

Clinical microbiology and infection

A minority of vaccinated individuals might get infected and suffer significant morbidity

Characteristics of vaccine breakthrough infections

Population (9 million) of Israeli patients, who were hospitalized with COVID-19 despite full vaccination.


Retrospective multicenter cohort study of 17 hospitals

Pfizer/BioNTech’s BNT162b2 fully-vaccinated patients

Who developed COVID-19 and required hospitalization

(more than 7 days after the second vaccine)

(18% of admissions were before 21 days after second dose)

Alpha, B.1.1.7, 89% (UK)

Wildtype, 7%

Beta, B.1.351, 4% (SA)


N = 152 patients

(half of hospitalized fully-vaccinated patients in Israel, 5.17million people)

Median age, 71.1 (range, 22-98) years

(half of hospitalized fully-vaccinated patients in Israel)

Poor outcomes in 38 patients

Mortality rate 22% (34/152)

Cohort characterized by a high rate of comorbidities

Hypertension 108, (71%)

Diabetes 73, (48%)

CHF 41, (27%)

Chronic kidney 37, (24%)

Chronic lung diseases 37, (24%)

Dementia 29, (19%)

Cancer 36, (24%)

No comorbidities, 9, (6 %)

Immunocompromised 60, (40%)

Higher SARS-CoV-2 viral-load was associated with a significant risk for poor outcome


Severe COVID-19 infection, with a high mortality rate, might develop in a minority of fully-vaccinated, with multiple comorbidities

(Higher rate of comorbidities and immunosuppression compared to non-vaccinated hospitalized patients)

Develop guidance to augment protection

Continued social-distancing

Additional vaccinations

(Israel, offering booster to immunocompramised)

WHO made errors

Said it will fix several unintended errors

Will look into other possible discrepancies

Questions from The Washington Post

Changing the virus sequence IDs associated with three of the 13 early patients

Will clarify that the first family cluster was not linked to the Huanan wet market in Wuhan

First patient, fell ill Dec. 8, 2019

Lived on the other side of the Yaangtze river, in Wuchang district

(WIV is in Jiangxia district)

Tarik Jasarevic, a WHO spokesman

the question of where the first-known patient lived relative to the river was not relevant to the origin of the virus

the current first known patient is most probably not the first case

mistakes in the report were due to editing errors

they did not affect the data analysis process, nor the conclusions

Lawrence Gostin, professor of global health law, Georgetown University

We need more explanation about what the source of the error and the information was

There’s no clarity, and this does feed into public distrust of the integrity and rigor of the origins investigation

Written by Dr. John Campbell

Hello Everyone,My name is John Campbell and I am a retired Nurse Teacher and A and E nurse based in England. I also do some teaching in Asia and Africa when time permits. These videos are to help students to learn the background to all forms of health care. My PhD focused on the development of open learning resources for nurses nationally and internationally.


  1. I never saw a man bite his tongue so hard without drawing blood. I believe the phrase he was looking for was “Perpetrated terminological inexactitudes”, my all time favourite Dr. Campbell quote.

  2. Friends, mother and son, got covid. Mother vaccinated, son not; yet, symptoms experienced exactly the same. Very interesting indeed.

  3. Half of hospitalised fully vaccinated is 152! Total population is 5.1 million!!
    Don’t you need to know how many in this 5.1 million is fully vaccinated?
    How do you draw a conclusion saying without vaccination the number of hospitalisation would be upwards of 50,000?

  4. Hello guys! I just got my second Shot of the vaccine and i have had no bad side effects other then i fell a little sick and i have pain were i got it. Other then that i am doing fine with no problems. The same thing was with the first shot.

  5. The most protective immunity is Natural immunity.
    Where are the NUMBERS for people who had Covid in asymptomatic, mild or serve form and have recovered. Who now have natural immunity and antibodies how likely is it and in what numbers can they possibly infect another person.

    The good nurse keeps talking about CASES but never about the 10's of millions who had Covid but were never a diagnosed case and thus have natural immunity that puts us at, when combined with vaccinations, herd immunity.

    But NO, can't use the brain God gave us. It may lower the profits Big Phama is raking in over this Endemic virus.

    Keep selling the fear porn to the gullible masses.

  6. Vaccines are great against hospitalizations and deaths, which is what they were designed and tested for. They were never supposed to protect against transmission or long COVID. So we REALLY need to know more about whether or not vaccines are protecting against long COVID and post COVID medical problems. The last figure I saw was a 30% protection rate against Alpha infections, absolutely no information about Delta. 30% is terrible. No vaccine would ever have been approved for COVID in general with numbers like that. If it's even lower against Delta, then we are getting basically almost no protection against long COVID, which is going to be the biggest medical problem for the largest number of people in the long run. Again, the current crop of vaccines were never designed for this, but this means that we desperately need boosters and the next generation. I don't like Pfizer as a company at all, but they seem to be the only ones facing this reality by developing a booster.

  7. The difference between absolut risk and relative risk are Hugh….I know a lot of vaccinated who got sick. (So not just a positive PCR)
    More people than I know that are not vaccinated.
    But thats just in my inner circle

  8. Do you know if Israel is also offering the people with co-morbidity a lifestyle mitigation/change? That is long term a better solution for the state and the person involved 🙂

  9. Why has the UK decided to put double vaccinated travellers from France into quarantine despite announcing the opposite just days ago? They're on about the beta variant, which isn't even a problem on mainland France. In other words big pharma's money shot doesn't work. We're talking endless jabs for endless variants and endless billions of revenue. Am I the only one here who can smell the money? Like really?

  10. Well, my friend just told me about FOUR older adults here in Santa Barbara,who were double-vaccinated with Moderna and Pfizer have come down with COVID-Delta-B Infection and have moderate symptoms….I continue to be concerned how it would affect those of us who have ASTHMA‼️‼️‼️???

  11. Dear Dr. Campbell. are looking very chipper this evening, and I am gratified to see your above-average mood. Regarding Vitamin D: Earlier today, I sat outside, soaking up the Sun's invigorating, vitamin-D giving, blessed rays, with a UV Index of about 8, I would imagine. I was sitting under a starfruit tree, soaking up the the rays from our closest star. And, wouldn't you know it, but some small bird shat upon me. I took no umbrage at this, but thought it such a small price to pay for my daily dose of vitamin D. Also, you are wearing a very handsome shirt. You always wear beautiful shirts, in my opinion. REPEAT: You always wear beautiful shirts. And, if you come here, and sit under a starfruit tree, soaking up the rays, and if some innocent bird were to shit upon you as I was shat upon, then you might need to change your shirt. Sometimes, bad things happen to good people. But, let us not hold it against the birds who cannot control their bowels. In fact, in the case of the bird, birds do not, and can not, control themselves. They are birds. Probably, 60 million years ago, dinosaurs were the same, walking around, crapping uncontrollably, because, as we know, birds are dinosaurs at heart. Well, anyway… I am doing my best to soak up the rays, and trying to keep my blood serum level of D up to par, and even beyond. Still, it is not so easy when birds crap on one. Take Care, Dr. Campbell! I know that you have been where I am now, because you have taught in some of these wonderful places on the other side of the world. Take care, and, don't let the virus bite us in the ass. Tks!

  12. I hope that you will re-evaluate your review of ivermectin and provide an urgent update in the light of the possibly flawed data from the Elgazzar pre-publication paper. See Thursday's Guardian: "Huge study supporting ivermectin as Covid treatment withdrawn over ethical concerns. The preprint endorsing ivermectin as a coronavirus therapy has been widely cited, but independent researchers find glaring discrepancies in the data".

  13. So take responsibility and look after yourself is the take away here! I was saying this to every person i knew before the very first lockdown, it's not rocket science. Look after yourself and give your immune system the tools it needs and your immune system will look after you. This message should of been screamed from the rooftops every single day from the government and the wounder scientists from day dot, but what did they tell you instead, to hide away don't go outside and they shut gyms. Just hold on and wait for the vaccine that we aren't even sure is possible, let alone how it will effect you, but just hold on its coming! In the meantime We won't give you information about potentially live saving treatment options or supplements, we will just keep you in a constant state of fear instead ?. It absolutely blows my mind how at best moronic, and at worste sick and twisted these people really are!

  14. take a look at Russia they have very low numbers of vaccinated people /17%/ and delta kills 800-900 people daily there..unlike in UK & Israel…so stop confusing people!! Vaccines work