Vaccine Caused Clotting – Study Finds The Mechanism

Vaccine Caused Clotting – Study Finds The Mechanism

A study printed on 7th July 2021 describes the groundbreaking discovery of the cause of clotting by vaccines. In summary, as we have been discussing in the past. Clotting is caused by the antibodies produced against platelet factor 4. Just as in heparin induced thrombocytopenia (HIT). Let’s review.

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Study PDF

Platelet factor 4
Platelet alpha granules
Heparin induced thrombocytopenia
Single letter amino acid codes (PDF)

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  1. My sister almost died from the x…she had a 2 foot blood clot from her hip to her knee and multiple blood clots in both lungs…after 2 surgeries she is alive and will be on meds for $800 a month for Lord knows how long. Some people where not as lucky as my sister

  2. I ended up in the hospital overnight after the second dose of mederna with 16 hours of atrial fibrillation and high blood pressure.I was given heparin. Thank God I survived.

  3. I asked my doc if I contracted CV how would she treat me. She said take vitamins D and C plus zinc and aspirin to stop blood clots. I said meds? She said no, I would need to go to the hospital to get meds. What the heck?

  4. Ingenious. Thank you for reporting this outstanding research.
    BTW the mechanism by which I-V-E-RM works to block the CVD19 virus from entering the nucleus was known and reported by Dr. Martinson on Peak Prosperity in discussion of the Bradykinin storm last September with reference to the original research paper.

  5. Dr
    I had Covid and did not get overly sick. However, when I got the vaccine my heart rate dropped, my blood pressure dropped, I had severe abdominal pain, and had clotting in my digestive tract. Can you explain exactly what may be the difference between reaction to covid itself and the reaction to the vaccine??

  6. The reason ppl upset with you because they want their agenda to happen, all ppl to take the vaccines. They are concerned with their own life more than other people life. The more reason not to take vacciness.

  7. Good to hear about odysee, have been trying to access and always error pops up, funny , only if using browser on Ipad. Apple wiill go to garbage soon ?

  8. Interesting analysis. You say that after a number of weeks the immune system will recover, but what about micro clots that hang around in the system undetected but then clump together or move to a critical area and cause problems months or years later? Surely this is a risk.

  9. Hello Dr.Been, I have been listening for a long time. What would you advice to someone like me that suffered a Stroke 20 plus years ago. I was advised not to take Aspirin or products that thin out my blood. The bleed in my brain was resolved with a scab. I have not vaccinated against Covid19. If I do, what vaccine would you suggest for me?? Thank you for all that you do for us. Maria

  10. In my case around 11-13 days after the Moderna vaccine I developed bruising on both sides of my forearms. It cleared up over a 2 week period.

  11. This proves the internet is owned by the same people who own media because none of them like people telling the truth. They love to say other doctors, medical experts, virologists and health professionals are crazy when they tell the truth about Covid, that 99.9 % of those who get it can survive. They killed people with those respirators when it didn't need to happen when several drugs were available for the people. All they want is for everyone to get their experimental bio weapon jab. This is what the other doctors are saying about the spike Proteins, the clotting and the dangers of this so called vaccine. Bet Fauci has no idea about this because they're all fakes.

  12. I just realized – the mechanism for clotting shows anionic polysaccharides clotting with PF4. Could peoppe with this clotting problem, that induces VITT, have their lives saved and still take the vaccine, if we just removed the Sucrose from the Pfizer or Moderna vaccine? It’s part of the vaccine ingredients.