Vaccine dangers, UK Parliament debate

Mr. Andrew Bridgen MP expresses his views

Written by Dr. John Campbell

Hello Everyone,My name is John Campbell and I am a retired Nurse Teacher and A and E nurse based in England. I also do some teaching in Asia and Africa when time permits. These videos are to help students to learn the background to all forms of health care. My PhD focused on the development of open learning resources for nurses nationally and internationally.


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  1. It's all on us, how come if my kid misses school for a few days I have to pay a fine, but it is ok for the people that we elected and they suppose to represent our voice, concerns and best interests, not to be present? We should not tolerate this any further? Where are they, what's more important then their jobs? Why are they holding this positions if they can't be bothered to be present to a life and death matter for the population with serious implications for the future? And the most important one? WHY AND FOR HOW LONG ARE WE GOING TO ACCEPT THIS PISS TAKING ???

  2. What is the next step? Who needs to do what to get these mRNA vaccines recalled? A class action suit that would require all data to be revealed during a trial? Have any such suits been filed in any country?

    For the US, I believe we need the FDA primarily (because that’s the body that gave emergency use authorization) to respond to the points raised in this presentation. I also believe we need the CDC and WHO to respond as well. How can they be forced to respond?

  3. Only 2 ppl in my family took the vaccine. Both were hospitalized with severe neurological side-effects. Neither was reported to VAERS. Neither had ever had anything like that happen before their 2nd jab. Curious how many more people went unreported.

  4. lets also not forget the time the speaker of the house shut down an elected MP for asking how many members of parliament subscribed to the WHO rhetoric or were part of their young global leaders scheme

  5. Nome of the shots are Vaccimrs they are all.Political/Money related. I AT 88 DECIDED as it was experimental with no quarentee was not for me & was willing to gamble, so got Delta & survived. Not

  6. It’s through mistakes humanity learns… it’s important that we take lessons from this. If they were more wrong, they could have killed millions of people including their friends and family.

  7. If I had one wish it would be for those in the medical fraternity to care about people as much as you Dr Campbell and less about themselves.

    Your unspoken emotions at the end left me in tears.

  8. For all of the people who think that the chamber was almost empty due to bribery/corruption etc, this was an "adjournment debate":

    "There are generally two types of adjournment debate: those proposed by the government, which are used from time to time to permit general debates on topical subjects (e.g. flooding and coastal defenses, regional affairs or International Women's Day); and the half-hour adjournment at the end of each day's sitting.[1] The half-hour adjournment is an opportunity for a backbench Member of Parliament to raise a subject of their choosing, of which advance notice has been given, with the appropriate government minister.[1] Normally, only the member raising the debate and the minister who is replying speak in the half-hour adjournment.[1] It is not uncommon for the chamber otherwise to be empty".

    This is wikipedias description of the process.

  9. Intelligent honest people have ability to change their mind, based on the new facts. Dishonest people who want to live in a lie, want to keep saying how "it is not important".

  10. Its not just heart problems, its other issues that have occurred from having the vaccine.

    In my case, fatigue on top of they fibromyaglia fatigue I have, some days I am in bed 24 hours.

    I get tired easily as well and my sleep is non-existent, I get 2 or 3 hours if that despite taking sleeping tablets to help me get to sleep.

    Then there is the constant occurrence of pain in my arm I got the vaccination in and muscle swelling.

    This transistions in to hundreds of tiny lumps that are like spots but very itchy and skin that is constantly itchy, I now have to take anithistamines daily to stop me shredding myself from scratching.

    I get regular headaches that are throbbing migraines… so its not just the risk of heart attacks, its what it has done to people.

    I also get muscle twitching and stiffness in my legs.

  11. He’s incapable of understanding what he is saying, and please bear in mind that he is using this as part of an attack on the lockdown that saved so many lives. Please could you give this monologue some context, I think a great deal less of you for platforming this extremist without any rebuttal.

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