Vaccine exemptions not being granted (Betty Pezzimenti & Bret Weinstein)

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Betty Pezzimenti runs her own food truck and catering business. She is facing a vaccine mandate with which she can not comply for health reasons, and from which she cannot seem to get an exemption.

Betty’s catering business:
Find Betty on Twitter: @BettySera3

Find Bret Weinstein on Twitter: @BretWeinstein, and on Patreon.

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  1. When I pick up my medications, that I was prescribed years ago, there’s 3 pages of information about interactions and potential side effects. I received NONE of this info when I received either Covid vaccine. I was given a proof of vaccine card and was told to have a great day. Crazy shit.

  2. There is not really any other explanation than there being a mass hypnosis in Australia.. the way people are acting here are like zombies, I just don't get it.

  3. Please set up a go fund me. You need to take this to the highest court on the land and fight it all the way. Please please do this. The world needs to wake up to this, even if you loose people need to see the truth.

  4. If you can’t participate in society. Why pay taxes? And the tax money that’s been paid to build infrastructure and medical facilities needs to be recouped or compensation must be paid if they can not be accessed.

  5. I haven't seen any studies regarding severe covid cases and deaths circa 2020 to see if there was any correlation between people who got regular flu vaccines vs those who don't. Would be nice to know if our immune systems were better off with regular vaccines in general, or without . . . Jumping into a new pandemic. Also, I'm curious as to how flu vaccine profits are doing since Fauci release his experiment.

  6. People need to understand why they are so desperate to get everyone a vaccination. It's not for health, it's to inculcate and force compliance for now and the future. It's why Congress doesn't have to get vaccinated, and it's why we find governors and elected leaders not wearing masks or distancing even when they tell everyone else to. It's why Gavin Newsome closed everyone winery in California but his own, and why Bill DeBlasio kept going to his gym when he'd closed all the others.

  7. The exact same treatment is coming here. The only component that has slowed it down is the second amendment. I think they will attempt to kill us as an alternative. Just my opinion

  8. Nobody has the right to impose his will upon nobody else. We the right to fight for our lives, to fight for our freedom and fight for our property and it looks like we are reaching the point when the only option left will be using force to get rid of these dictatorships…

  9. Proof that many professionals in Healthcare do not meet the standards set forth by their oaths to uphold the health of their patients above all else.
    Fear has taken over, and we are surrounded by sheep in power.

  10. I'm pretty certain that even if she held a valid exemption that the police/enforcers/other in that country are so ignorant they wouldn't even recognize its legitimacy. I have no idea what that could lead to but forced immunization followed by life threatening reaction seems possible.

  11. I at first experienced the same thing. Since a toxification in 2012 I have developed a severe MCS (Multiple Chemical Sensitvity), was bedbound for several years, lost my home, my job, a lot of money and fought my way back on my own, still sleeping and working from the balcony since I react too strong with neurological issues within in the building. For years, almost no doctor cared about my condition, and now everyone seens to know that all is totally fine with me getting the vaccin. My doctor who knows that I cant take any medicaments actually told me that they dont write any examptions at all and that they are not even allowed to (which is not true).. It shocked me to see how hard it is to get a examption even if you really deserve one, and the truth is, there are alone 500.000 severe MCS cases in Germany, and we are all hardly ignored in all this discussion.. It was so before Corona appeared, and it just continues like that now.. and I wonder what can be right about saving people by destroying the lifes of others.. its just another proove of one-sidedness at its finest..

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