Vaccine mandates coming to employers with 100+ employees



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Written by Louis Rossmann


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  1. You don't know what's gonna happen in years oh I got it I'm fine ya dude there is no data on it try learning something outside of just reading news about these topics I like you but your naive like every other new yorker

  2. The "vaccine" is not to improve your health.
    You can still get infected, and you still can infect others, but you increasingly forced to get the "vaccine".
    When there really was a killer virus, and people dropped dead in the streets , they would run to get the vaccine, but nobody wants to.

  3. As far as I'm concerned (keeping in mind I'm not a legal person, and this is my opinion): if a government through law/regulation/statute says that you the business owner (or business) must have a mandate for your employee's to have a vaccination or a pass a test, then you the business owner (or business) that created the mandate in good faith are waived of any and all liabilities pertaining to the mandate. Any and all liabilities that arise from the creation and enforcement of the mandate, which also includes any subsequent damages and other liabilities that arise, in fact belong to the governing body that created or inheritated the law/regulation/statute of the mandate.

    I know that seems very cold and harsh, but I literally am keeping empathy and emotion out of my analysis of liabilities for a government forcing a business into adopting vaccine mandates of it's employees.

    If I add those in, then I have literally dozens more questions…

  4. I fully support this because it has to be fair. I guess they need to set a minimum of 100 employees for when it is a mandate due to practical reasons of keeping track of businesses that need to mandate it. I think what also should be done is for businesses that have less then 100 employees is to show a sign on the business indicating if not all employees have gotten the vaccine yet. This way you can judge if you should be entering that business or not.

    The liability aspect would be solved if there was single payer universal healthcare paid for through taxes. This way any side effects from getting the vaccine where you need to go see a doctor or end up in the hospital are paid for already and thus not a liability for the employer.

    It would also be solved if paid sick leave was also mandated and paid for through taxes.

  5. I find it so weird that people in the US doesn't want to get vaccinated. Here in Honduras, we are so grateful to get a vaccine after so many of our people have died from covid. It really is unbelievable how the people from the US can be so self centered

  6. Doesn’t matter if it’s vaccines, seatbelts, helmets, intoxication, weapons, fireworks, imports, speed limits, taxes, infrastructure, education, healthcare. Whenever the government makes a decision on something, there will be a lot of people who disagree with the decision. And also a lot of people becoming further cemented in whichever side they choose first because of what they read online.

  7. This comment section is a bizarre combination of conspiracy nuts and people who just want the cute kitty.

    I hope these narcissistic morons who refuse to get vaccinated realize that they’re endangering themselves and everyone around them for no reason.

  8. Y can't people think of mandates and regulations that they currently benefit from?? Because they do what Facebook tells them to. Exhibit-A: every vaxx-hesitant person speaks with the same phraseology and vocabulary words.

  9. Cult members use the same exact phraseology when speaking of their cult. There are NO original thoughts among the tribe. Ask them about automobiles or music and they will speak with original thoughts.

  10. So I'd be interested to hear a follow-up on this, because in the few short weeks since this call, it's been escalated to being included in the spending bill, plus pushing for the IRS to track accounts with over $600 in them. But on the flipside you've also had a number of companies who previously said, "we will not mandate the vaccine," suddenly change their mind with NO policy handed down directly from the government. And this is what is absolutely revolting about our government: That if they want to pass policy that is in clear violation of our constitutional rights, that they simply apply pressure and big corporations snap to and pick up the slack in a heartbeat, ensuring that you cannot set foot in their doors without strict compliance.

  11. "Your salary is the bribe they give you to forget your dream."
    For me, the only salary I'll accept is one that allows me to accomplish my dream.
    Edit: Also, my dream is quite large, and incorporates a well-paying job, because I love breaking systems. Getting paid to do it is gonna be great!

  12. I mean my uncle was in a coma for weeks and during that time he had multiple strokes so when he woke up he couldn't feel his legs and was lame in one arm for quite a while. it took a very long time with rehab to get him to walk independently with equipment. he's an active guy and went hunting a lot and now he can't walk too far before getting out of breath so excuse me if you don't agree but I think everyone who can get the vaccine (excluding immuno compromized, people who might have an allergic reaction and the like) should and if they don't want to for a non-medical reason they shouldn't be able to work in certain places, go to restaurants, no cinema or concert or shopping of luxury items or anything. I don't know how it is in other places but where I live a kid can't do to daycare unless they've gotten the vaccine for xyz. If you still don't wanna get vaccinated you should live with the consequences of your actions and I know that's absolutely not the perfect solution but for the greater good and for future generations we need to get rid of this situation unless we want a whole generation to be more traumatized from social isolation that they need but can't get bc Karen and Ken didn't get vaccinated and now a bunch of people are sick. Or kids who lose a parent or sibling or someone loses their child. I don't think there can be a parfect solution that keeps everyone happy bc someone's always gonna get their panties wedged but don't you think things would recover faster if people weren't sick and dying?

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