Vaccine Mandates DISAPPEAR From Private Sector: JP Morgan, Goldman Sachs Quietly Drop Jab Recs

Businesses across the United States are backing away from covid vaccine mandates. Batya Ungar-Sargon and Robby Soave discuss why these businesses are not publicly talking about their decision to drop vaccine requirements. #covid #covid19 #vaccinemandates #covidvaccines

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  1. Kim would have been the best one to cover this as she has known the truth the whole time. It is why I am subbed to Kim's channel and not yours.
    Kim would say I told you so but is too polite to do so.

  2. Which Federal mandates are you referring to ? Obviously CDC strongly suggests and companies make legal decisions isn't the same thing. Plus these are the very same companies with the same personal rights as people and seemingly no problem there. Nor when they ship all the jobs over seas 'good for business', etc.

  3. Amen .. you said it perfectly. A person who doesn't own mistakes is definitley not to be truster. Yes strongarmed our freedoms and their panic was disgusting and need to be held responsible.. especially those harassed on religious freedoms

  4. this makes me sick! for so many months have they destroyed peoples lives and now it's all ok….huh????
    No it's not people lost so much in life how is this just ok ???
    all was planned from day 1
    no doubt so many injured so many lost loved ones could not say good bye so many lost jobs and their homes and businesses but hey all ok now I mean what
    account needs to be given for all the suffering!!!

  5. They didn't get it wrong!
    They lied!
    Anybody with half a brain knew from the very beggining that we have been unable to produce a sterilising vaccine for the flu so why would this be any different?
    The mucosal immune system and its Iga antibodies is where the conversation is at….not Igg in the systemic immune system!

  6. This host …Robby ,has alot in common with Kamala, in his impaired , speaking ability..word salad , jibberish , nonsense , stuttering… endlessly…is this the result of his adverse event ?
    Sad …..

  7. She thinks the far left is represented in positions of power 😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂
    Name one elected far leftist in the federal government. Bernie and AOC and a few others are center left at best, they are social democrats. Moderates on any real political spectrum

  8. Somewhat, even, in the end, the Covid frenzies caught up to The Hill/Rising, which supposedly was compromised,
    by Dr. Fauci's public relation team, to avoid having the very competent Kim Iversen ask him (challenging?) questions.♪

    And now where is she? Anyway, you're all pretty good at what you're doing, but she was excellent too.♪

    Peace ;^) ♪


  9. @Robby Soave, I don't like when the company mandate their employees to vaccinate or else. That is the same thing as if the government mandate vaccine for all. So your argument that you do not agree with Governor De Santis, for banning companies to mandate vaccine to their employees doesn't make sense, you don't make sense. Next time, you should think before you speak.

  10. How much money, how many billion dollars $$ did they take from US citizens, and GIVE TO BIG PHARMA COMPANIES. A giant wealth transfer from us to the wealthy big pharma and the government.

  11. Saying sorry won't fix the damage done. S A D S
    If I had that juice in me , I'd be wearing a magnet on my right wrist, then bloodletting. The definition of vaccines keeps changing. It might come around to the truth. Ha!

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