Vaccine Mandates: What The F**K Is Going On In Australia??!

With protests to “draconian” lockdowns, and mandates implemented across multiple industries, we ask, what’s happening in Australia, and is it just a matter of time before these laws become the reality everywhere?
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Written by Russell Brand


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  1. True true – I was just going to let the lab rats of our population go first and see what happens, now that the vaccine is going to be mandated, out of principle alone, I cannot submit. I'd rather die…. although as we all know that is incredibly unlikely;)

  2. This guy comes across like an absolute fanatical nutter on edge of issuing kill orders.Let us be clear he is saying if you are against mandatory medical procedures you are anti vax no matter if you choose to get the jabs yourself or not.So unless you believe that people should be forced to take it you are on the wrong side according to his twisted logic.

  3. Regardless of your stance over vaccinations, anybody who possesses such a fragile mental state should not be anywhere near governance. Let alone the governance presiding over peoples health. He needs to be stripped of all authority immediately.

  4. As someone not normally inclined to comment on videos (primarily because they tend to get lost in large audiences) todays commentary truly hit a chord. Canadians are also presently living under the same mandated-no-jab-no-job rules. In my industry if you choose to not jab then you are required to test three times a week at your own expense, the tests of which are deducted from your already stressed pay. I find the divisive policies frightening and the fact that in many areas the discussion of the policies FROWNED on. There seems to be little FACTUAL information available for review and the fact that the numbers involved with this pandemic are being wildly inflated should be cause for even more people to question things. Kudos to you for being out front with this whole discussion!! Do some digging on the issues being raised in Canada and you will see a great number of parallels from here to Aus. Australia is an easy target because it is an island. I suspect that Canada is not making too many of these headlines because our closest trading partner is generally viewed as "a population of cowboys" with more than enough internal issues of their own. While everyone is looking to see what the figure-head politicians are doing (or not doing as the case may be) there is a great transfer of power being handed to dictatorial types such as the gent featured here. THAT should be cause for concern! Are there no prisons? Are there no work houses??

  5. I’m Australian, and no we don’t live in some tyrannical society. You’re free to refuse to be vaxxed but the reality is you’re not going to be able to do some things you’d like to do. That doesn’t mean there’s no freedom, the freedom is the choice, it doesn’t mean your choice won’t have consequences.

  6. That Aussie politician needs a good slap to calm him the ** down. You`re right I can`t handle him either, maybe he should have a few valium or something……reminds me of the way hitler used to speak / shout

  7. In 2020 Politicians called Nurses and Healthcare Personal "Heroes" …in 2021 Politicians called unvaxx Nurses and Healthcare Personal "Todesengel"……yeah Im sure you Guys know this Word…..Greetings from Germany and stay strong.

  8. We are victims of not only our convict past and our tyrant overloads but the recent decades of wealth and prosperity. “Do what you’re told and all will remain safe!!”

  9. Anyone from up North England who's just done with all this covid bullshit? Think we need to all connect and have a support system to get through all this shit.

  10. I'm not an 'anti-vaxxer'. Its an easy word to use to shut down debate. It is usually used by lazy people incapable of stringing a sentence together. I am vaccinated against mumps, measles, polio etc. All diseases that affect me and incidentally, all vaccines that are highly effective. I am anti-experimental jabs against which my government has denied all legal comeback in case of adverse reaction. I am also against group medical care and believe in the rights of individual to decide. I am against the idea of making a faulty product and with the help of inept or malicious governments (im not sure which as of yet) trying to achieve artificial herd immunity, sell ten times as many as would be sold if the product actually did what it is supposed to and that is to protect the vulnerable. I am against a CEO of any company (in this case a highly disreputable one as proven in a court of law) in a free and democratic society stating that anyone who basically criticizes their product should be treated as a criminal. Furthermore I am against all governments who claim to be acting in our best interest and take away our individual rights and freedoms as laid out in the constitution of our free nations. I am also against self righteous social media sites dictating what opinion I should have by filtering what information I see regardless of the falsehood in their narrative and the truth in what they censor. I am also against the morality of others being forced upon me. People telling me it is my civic duty to get vaccinated to stop the spread, while they as vaccinated beings move freely in my country spreading it far and wide while I, as a second class citizen cant so much as go and sit down and eat a happy meal (not that I want to).

  11. Im here in Queensland, Australia and teachers, police, doctors, nurses in the hundreds if not into thousands have left their jobs because of the mandate..look up the new laws passed in last week in Victoria Australia and next the whole country..then the world..

  12. Many good points in this entertaining exposition but we should remember and consider the quote, "I have seen the enemy and he is us". This virus, as bad as it was (and still is) was just a minor slap by mother nature on humanity's collective wrist. The potential for much worse contagions is always with us. The manner in which our societies have viewed and dealt with (or refused to deal with) Covid-19 should give anyone pause that civilization will survive well into the future.

  13. Pelosi Claiming House wont Pass any new legislation that Doesn't INCLUDE Mandatory Vaccines or CONSIDER Legislation that doesnt include Them, regardless of what We The People Want. Welcome to the Communist democratic leadership

  14. Look at the anger in these people's eyes folks that is all you need to see in order to see where this is going. They are also showing how much power they think they have over humanity. When they think they have enough power your life means only what they give it. WAKE UP OR DIE, THIS IS BEYOND A VIRUS PEOPLE THIS IS ABOUT POWER.

  15. So many politicos are involved in pedo blackmail situations, the can of worms is being opened – slowly – Vis the Ghislaine Maxwell trial etc: lots of sweating MPs out there and desperate to cover up with threats and bluster, but they're going down

  16. I don't understand why there has never been more outrage at the vaccination timetable for our children in Australia.

    No daycare, fam payments etc if you don't stick to the ridiculous timetable which today includes hep b for newborns ! Thats crazy in my book.

    I got the covid vax, not because I wanted to but, it did seem the best option to me once Delta hit.

    I am due to become a grandmother in the near future 🤞 and I am much more worried about the coercion of parents into getting 3 or 5 or more vaccines into a tiny body – all at once sometimes !!

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