Vaccine Passports Are Here

#Vaccination #AusPOL #HeisSays
Vaccine Passports are already here. How long until they are mandatory?


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Written by Heise Says


  1. O.k so are we going to weigh you to go into McDonald's, a fitness test to buy cigarettes, family's history of addiction to buy alcohol. Nope. Plus isn't it illegal to request to view someone's medical history and discriminate against them because of it?

  2. If people that have already had covid and have natural immunities they should be exempt from the jab. They are not, if this was about public health, they would not subject these people with compromised systems to an experimental drug. Everybody gets it, why is that?

  3. This is great, we will be able to tell who is responsible for creating the variants! If you’ve got the certificate you are responsible for the variants, awesome!

  4. Yep, and rightly so. Whoever decide to believe YouTube experts is danger for all of us. No more excuses, get vaccinated and stop spreading bs to others. PS, no replies

  5. If Antivaxxers and covid deniers are so opposed to the vaccine why don't they sign a wavier which denies them any medical treatment should they get sick from the disease.

  6. i think australia needs Skin Rash and/or Hernia passports.
    how bout a straight up health passport, that shows all the medical conditions and treatments you've ever had?
    it might be a good way of identifying those individuals committing fraud by claiming they are males/females but are actually females/males

  7. I can tolerate this happening if im travelling to another country…. but if this happens for domestic travel or just entering a shop I will refuse and just walk in…. refuse/resist…. I have also been vaccinated for covid 19… and all the other vaccines you need…

  8. This is the prelude to the mark of the beast… nobody, rich or poor will be able to buy, without receiving the mark. It starts off with this conditioning and if you are vaccinated, then you can do this or that, but if you are not, then you cannot. I do not believe in vaccine pseudoscience and I have been this way since being educated in the topic since the mid 1980s… I voted against the tyranny of the TGA becoming an authority. My children, now adults at 35 and 29 have not been vaccinated and even my granddaughter is not vaccinated. As the PM stated… it is our own choice, and we are personally responsible for any medical treatment that we receive. I trust in God and in His word. Natural good clean living is the only way. God help those who are convinced in this deception.

  9. There needs to be massive resistance to this, how it’s organised I have no idea but social media obviously isn’t the place to do it

  10. For a start, COVID-19 injections are not vaccines. They don't provide immunity. They don't stop transmission. They're not safe. They're not effective. So, what's all this hype about Vaccine Passports? This looks a lot like the restrictions that the Nazis placed on the Jews prior to World War II.

  11. Freedoms and rights in Australia are at best an illusion. Interestingly in SA health officers can "visit and …." your property at anytime. If a neighbor complains, even if they have no valid complaint, there are no penalties. Don't worry, the law requires the inspectors to show a valid ID, … unless they don't have one. It actually says that in the regulations??? ( I complained about a neighbors new house completely overlooking, he had to change his design)

  12. Who is the company that runs the vaccine passport here?
    Entrust is the one the UK has signed a contract with.
    The family that own it literally used slave labour during ww2 in Germany. The slaves lasted about 6 months.
    At one point around 80 slaves died per month in their factories.

  13. I have not been vaccinated and don't plan to any time soon. I'm not an anti vaxer as my children received all of their standard early childhood vaccines. This decision, for me, is about personal rights to choose. I wish all those who choose to have the jab a long and happy life however I don't consent to being forced to have a vaccine in order to catch public transport, work or go about normal life.

  14. Next using cash causes covid, scientifically proven using cash increases 39% chance of getting covid, especially when transactions greater than $10,000.