“Vaccine passports” are obviously not working!

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Written by M. Tracey


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  1. I think 'tidings' would mean something like, 'things coming your way,' or 'things guiding the direction your life takes' (maybe like the way the tide comes in at us on the shore, or affects the voyages of ships at sea), both of which you would wish to be 'good' for someone.

  2. Revealing "medical status" is not a violation of medical privacy insofar as the circumscribed status pertains to infecting other people.

    Years ago, before being allowed to attend university classes I had to reveal my medical (ie, vaccinations) status to the admin, and that was for vaccinations against diseases that were not wreaking havoc on society at the time. I was due for an MMR booster and had to get that before attending classes. That policy exists to protect the campus community, and I had an ethical obligation to contribute toward that goal. Nobody protested that reasoning until recently when doing so could kill tens of thousands of people.

  3. Just like 9/11, just like all of the atrocity propaganda, just like "man made climate change", the virus is a vehicle to control society. I think they released this moderate coronavirus. Everything was ready to roll all across the world. Build Back Better is a slogan of the World Economic Forum billionaire club. I want to be free of the tyranny of sheep who go along with all this. A Republic was supposed to protect people's rights.

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