Vaccine Passports Pass By A Single Vote Because MP Couldn’t Log Into Zoom


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  1. Maybe it's Zoom, maybe Zoom's in bed behind the scenes with the authoritarians.
    Or the people setting up his connection in parliament sabotaged his vote after calculations on who would vote what, so it would pass.
    Then again, could just be technical difficulties; Zoom sucks.

  2. Or he intended not to vote cause it was the only way to save face with the sociopaths he works with. This way he doesn't get the same level of animosity from the left he would if he voted against the party line. A politician being called technologically illiterate is easier to get past than making yourself a target for every governmental body already under their control. I see that as a definite possibility especially in a time where every politician has to have a company on payroll whose sole job is to make them look good.

  3. I told my mum about the whole thing and she unironically supports vaccine passports. She was pro-social distancing and pro-lockdowns (even I was, only because it got me off of school for a while and I could stay at home for a few months, although I am sympathetic to those who had a tough time in the lockdowns)

    I don't hate her for it, I'm not gonna cancel my own mum or anything but perhaps she's not as politically informed or interested as me, so it's likely she's not really heard much about why vaccine passports are such a tyrannical idea.

  4. Well they arent fooking wrong, he should have made sure that he had the ability to connect with ample time left, not wait till the last damn minute to try. He should be removed from office, since he is so incompetent that he cant be relied upon to represent those that elected him. He is 32 years old, he isnt a boomer that cant operate a phone, he just didnt take the time to care enough to deal with the situation before it was too late. Its his fault, there shouldnt be a recount.

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