Vaccine Passports: THIS Is Where It Leads

Vaccination passports are creating public and political dispute across the world. Is this debate a matter of civil liberties, and can the state compel you to take a vaccine with the reward of everyday freedoms?
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Produced by Gareth Roy

Written by Russell Brand


  1. How many people must die needlessly? Those who sheepishly follow your advice are missing a bigger point: we are all brothers and sisters who live amongst each other. Do I want neighbors who are responsible, or neighbors who are transmitting whatever virus to me that they don't "believe in"? We need to think about what's good for the species, and not just about individual "freedoms". Is getting polio an individual freedom, or is polio the cause of needless suffering and death? Because there is a vaccine for polio, the answer is obvious. The same is true for COVID, and will be true for the next pandemic. Save "freedom" for speeches! At some point society has to label stupid behavior as stupid, and create consequences for those that can't right themselves.

  2. I called this last year.

    Biometric Digital ID cards on the back of COVID. It’s being implemented globally, right now.
    UK, AU, EU, US, CA – search it up.

    I am now convinced Covid measures were a ruse to justify the inclusion of health & biometric personal data in their new National ID cards.

    Utterly transparent.

    All your apps and online activity will connect through one account, which the state has access to and control over.

    The Governor has joined the chat ? ?

  3. Easy spit the world in 2 them and us, we will create our own businesses and carry on without them, let them inject stuff into themselves till they have no functioning immune system.

  4. Discussing data and privacy on YouTube, a site that collects your data and will sell it to the government, or to anyone really. Fucking hilarious irony. Sad to see what Russell's addictive personality had turned to. Maybe he should counter all the political rants with some medical research, because let's face it that's the scary shit he is hiding from, a potential extinction event. That's what all the conspiracy nuts are hiding from, burying their fear and denile in heaps of bullshit.

  5. I never thought I'd be agreeing with this loon….but here we are. Well said, Russell. I'm fully vaccinated but will not patronize any business that demands I prove it. That's what it's going to take to force businesses in the U.S. to remain open to all.

  6. I just hate the monotonous crap that he comes out with. From what I’ve seen, Russell Brand has become a representative for an Internet culture that rallies around populist pseudo-intellectual babble. A culture that encourages the use of flowery language over cold hard facts and statistics.

  7. So it’s basically a passport to help spread the virus to both the vaccinated and unvaccinated, because the vaccine does NOT stop you from spreading it.

  8. Thank you SO much for putting this out and being so concise … I've been saying this since the issue was raised but everyone seems ready to just hand over their freedoms for perceived security. This is a slippery slope.

  9. Why is it every time i hear him speak i instantly think of Charlie Buckets teacher from Willy Wonka who said he couldnt figure out the fraction for buying one wonka bar.

  10. If i have ebola, tb, pertussis, flu or any other infectious disease far worse than this one that's been around for Centururies, i can go anywhere….but this scamddmic and plandemic was never about the actual's about the geneicude jab.

  11. I don't trust our government. I don't like to travel anyways. I'm happy being home playing with my grandbabies. They are all I need.
    The FDA isn't even trustworthy. They let opioid drugs that should of never been on the streets pass and with no warnings of addiction.
    As someone who understands how viruses work, I know as someone who had COVID, I shouldn't get the vaccine. People who had COVID should not get vaccinated. That's how the Delta variant came to be.

  12. Your rights end where mine begin. I don't have to be part of your science-illiteracy. All these self-centered morons focus on is themselves, never about the people they affect around them.

  13. It seems like we have more to fear from giant corporations, which operate internationally, than we do from national governments. Who's really "in control?"

  14. We is there such a drama over this? We have the so called green pass since May in the EU.
    I also have a card with all my vaccinations since I was a child. All of you are childish and fucking selfish!