Vaccine Production DOES USE Fetal Cells, Veritas Expose Shows Pfizer SCARED People Will Find Out

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  1. Like how you don’t talk about abortions being people but go in in this video to say “aborted HUMAN fetal cells”.
    So as to suggest that they were humans, that were aborted, and used in the research.

    “Human TISSUE” you say later.

  2. ITT “PhDs” understand what Dr. Tim is saying… this was known and released way in March… they explain how they grow them from terminated fetuses from decades ago… lab grown… nothing new here…

  3. They claim the fetal cells & DNA are destroyed during the process but it's still made from fetal cells right, like ones grown in plants don't have leaves in it..

  4. Everyone in any field of biology know this. Fetal tissue is used to "humanize" mice, as in, to make them more like humans, biologically. Otherwise, the experiments would be much less applicable to humans.

    Not defending this at all. Just saying, this is well-known and is important for the way animal experiments are done.

  5. This reminds me of the old conundrum of using scientific data obtained by the Nazis during the torture and murder of the Jews. We don't approve of the methods used to obtain this data but now that the data exists should we discard it or use it to save lives?

  6. Fetal stem cell lines are not the same as cells that come from aborted fetuses. They took stem cells from a single fetus (from 50 years ago), and they just keep reproducing the cells to make more. This is completely normal, and is done to test how drugsvaccines interact with human cells. The exact line they used is called "fetal cell line HEK 293".
    You are spreading misinformation and distrust with videos like this that are outside your knowledge base.

  7. I don't give a s**t what the pope says I'm not catholic I believe abortion is wrong killing is wrong so I will not be getting the vaccine ever don't care if the cells are in it or not they were used to make it so no thank you.

  8. I wonder why, oh why these whistleblowers aren't sitting in front of Congress???
    No… No wait… That's right… Bc these whistleblowers are actual genuine whistleblowers… Not a Facebook plant

  9. "Find a medical professional you trust" Well they all had their licenses revoked in my country for speaking out against the vaccine. So its not hard to find out, it's impossible. Good luck getting a medical exemption in Canada

  10. But abortion was ILLEGAL when they obtained these ABORTED FETAL CELLS.
    What would happen to me if I was in possession body parts from a murder victim for 50+ years while using the parts for experiments? Is it ok because the murderer voluntarily gave me the parts? Don't get me wrong, I'm pro Real vaccines; but hmm.

  11. Now you know why 'planned parenthood' makes a fortune selling all those baby corpses and they don't want it to stop. None profit, my ass, they operate in 12 countries now. A whistleblower claimed they ship babies heads and organs to any lab doing disease research. It's the 'go to' org for scientists.

  12. Im not religious but id be sickened and totally against taking this jab from a company that uses dead babies to use for their experiments… AND they deliberately tried to hide it so they could profit as much as possible.. EVIL

  13. I personally don't think it begins at conception.. life I mean. But I do think it is early on in the pregnancy. That being said. It is a very hard thing to consider. I know very personally the horrors if the foster care system. And if the woman who has the child can't keep it for one way or another. I'm not sure Wich would be more merciful to the kid ya know? If the foster care system were to be upgraded and reworked for the benefit of the children, I'd be ok. But as it stands now I really don't have a strong yay or nah on the abortion anti-abortion stance ya know? What do y'all think?

  14. I’m worried sick. Louisiana which used to be so beautifully red is now Democrat run. No state help and what is congress going to do? Vaccine mandate coming down the pipeline and we just have to take it and we cannot fight for our own freedoms anymore. I have no social media so I could be free of all the bullshit, now I find myself being even more wrapped up bc of jo Biden. I can’t believe this is the end.

  15. Stop dude. She didn't say that they're in the final vaccine, nor is she implying that they are. You know what she meant. She's saying she wouldn't be surprised if they were because of how evil & untrustworthy they are. How they lie, constantly. I agree with her. You CAN'T trust them so it wouldn't be surprising. At all. Come on, man.

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