Vaccine Study Of 23 Million Shows Risk Of ‘Heart Problems’ From Moderna Or Pfizer Jab

Joe Rogan stirred up controversy by asserting a connection between the Pfizer and Moderna mRNA vaccines for COVID and the heart condition known as myocarditis. At the time Rogan was vilified for passing along ostensible “misinformation,” but now a huge study with more than 23 million subjects has delivered conclusive results establishing the much greater likelihood of getting myocarditis after the mRNA vaccine – particularly Moderna – than without.

Jimmy and American comedian Kurt Metzger discuss the new research and its possible impact on the debate over COVID vaccines.

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  1. Still i had gotten the shots. I ended up getting covid a few months later.. so even if you say they both cause these side effects i was at risk anyway im glad i got the shot i didnt need to be hospitalized i was better in like 3 days after symptoms and im not dead

  2. i had moderna twice long ago and months after it my arm was in some pretty bad pain could barely drive and i deliver food for a living and people just told me "oh its prolly just somethin else theres rly nothin u can do about it u kno the vax was a good idea" ….my gosh, i feel so stupid for going along with it

  3. After two Moderna shots and a booster, I started waking up at night with my heart racing. I use a CPAP machine, and my sleeping is well regulated, I have very few apnea events. One night I woke up and my heart rate was 140. I usually have a resting heart rate of 60 I was unable to lower it using relaxation techniques. I need to see cardiooloist. But never had these problems before COVID.

  4. No crap serious thing with the side effects and I never got jabbed but many loved ones have they are concerned and have had complications I am praying that they will fully recover from the injections

  5. Still getting the “fact check” on the video.

    They won’t let this go until we run their noses in it and pry it from their cold fingers

  6. I would trust the Healthcare workers that refused the jab. Hey, they're in Healthcare. And if they witness the damage covid did abd still refused, that would be significant. But those that didn't deal with it on Frontline shouldn't push it on to those that did. The hero Healthcare works are still heroes. These vaccines need a lot more work to be "acceptable" and never should be mandated. If we want to protect again biggest preventable causes of death, maybe mandate healthy diet, lifestyles. That would really make a difference.

  7. I had chest pains after my second dose (never wanted any but I'm not getting into that here). It lasted for about a week or 2, shooting sharp pains in my chest.
    Unfortunately, because I'm the way I am (sweep problems under the carpet and pretend they don't exist), I ignored it as I was anxious about it and thought if I didn't think about it, I wouldn't get anxious which would make the problem worse.
    I should have reported it and got myself checked out.

  8. When they talk about the risk of inflammation after infection versus after vaccination, are they talking about after vaccination alone or after infection after vaccination? If you can get inflammation after infection & vaccination, could you get inflammation after vaccination & then it be worsened by infection? Were the people that experienced inflammation at any sort of higher risk than the people that didn't? Wouldn't this be a good case for not getting the vaccine? As in "I'd rather only suffer inflammation if I happen to get the virus than exposing myself to the risk of it by vaccination & chance getting a double dose if I also get the virus."? If anyone knows anything about this, I would really, really appreciate any information given.

  9. This is why I got J&J last year, It is Viral Vector not mRNA. I tried to tell people about the difference last year but few cared. I got a lot of "mRNA has been tested and safe" etc. and that it has actually been around for years now… stuff they heard on the news. The truth is vaccines normally take 10-15 years of development & testing before release. The covid vaccines fast track had them available in less than a year since discovery of the new virus. Here is a nice tidbit from wiki: "The first human clinical trials using an mRNA vaccine against an infectious agent (rabies) began in 2013" yes only used in humans for less than 10 years in a relatively small amount of people (how many people get rabies a year). Now used for everyone in the world against a new virus using a new technology… but they say it's tested, safe and that we are not being used a guinea pigs. Also it didn't work and we are on #4 shots because now we know people "need" a booster every 6months… I guess they missed that in in the initial testing.

  10. Love you Jimmy..❣
    You are a true Gem of a human being…! Always stay true to yourself my friend… You are a beacon of truth, and integrity.
    Love from Canada 🇨🇦

  11. There have been several professional football players with heart problems during the last couple of months, three come to mind: Christian Eriksen (ha has to be revived live on TV during European Championship tournament), Sergio Aguero (had to retire from Football) and Alphonso Davies (was sidelined a couple of months)
    Whether or not these were related to either the vaccine or the Virus I really do not know, it just seems very odd that this would happen that often if it was totally unrelated

  12. Given a choice we would choose no vaccine over no Covid but we can’t choose no Covid so we just need to avoid whichever is worse. Vaccine is less bad

  13. Between the greed of these pharmaceutical companis pharmaceutical company's, with a media, and the weapons industry. And the absolute insanity of the left side of the parties. Coupled with Putin's threats of sparking nuclear war. It's a freaking miracle we haven't wiped ourselves our soul is out at this point! My view on the real cause of global warming still stands, it is man made but it has nothing to do with carbon emissions. And everything to do with all the evil people burning stoking the fires down in h***

  14. Just wait a few years until the true die-off begins. It's going to be a civilization altering event. In fact, it's going to wipe out much of civilization.

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