Vaccines and increasing infections

To message Danie,

Pick and mix, mix and match

Moderna and Johnson & Johnson can now have boosters

Rochelle Walensky

Choose any of the three boosters now authorized, regardless of original shot

The evidence shows that all three COVID-19 vaccines authorized in the United States are safe,

as demonstrated by the over 400 million vaccine doses already given

And, they are all highly effective in reducing the risk of severe disease, hospitalization, and death, even in the midst of the widely circulating delta variant

FDA, did not recommend any particular combination of vaccines and boosters

to switch or to stick

CDC, still working it out

Advisory panel member Pablo J. Sanchez, pediatrician, Ohio State

I agree that those who received a [Johnson & Johnson] vaccine should receive a second dose,

I would prefer that those individuals get an mRNA vaccine

FDA has authorized

A third shot of Moderna or Pfizer-BioNTech

anyone 65 and older

any adults at high risk of severe, underlying conditions, job exposure, institutional settings

At least six months since their second dose

Johnson & Johnson recipients

Anyone 18 and older

At least two months since getting the shot

In the fully vaccinated

105 million people, Pfizer series

70 million people, Moderna series

15 million people, Johnson & Johnson single shot
More than 11 million people boosted so far


CMOs slides

Sajid Javid, cases could rise to 100,000 per day this winter

Sage October report

Risk posed by further viral evolution,

that becomes dominant globally is a very real possibility

Therefore need for:

Capacity to monitor for variants

Conduct predictive vaccinology

Winter and into 2022

Hospital admissions above the level seen in January 2021 are increasingly unlikely

Uncertainties, behaviour change and waning immunity

Co-circulation and co-infection of SARS-CoV-2 with Respiratory Syncytial Virus (RSV) and influenza

Symptoms of any respiratory infection, stay at home


Deaths, + 1,000 per day

Vologda, Hospital Number One

26% of patients vaccinated

Covid patients, 750
Unvaccinated, 700

The scale of new infections and deaths has alarmed authorities so much that

All workplaces, shut down for a week from the start of November

Moscow, closing non-essential services for 11 days from next Thursday

Very low vaccine uptake

Years of scepticism of authorities

Anti-vaxxers, social media

Written by Dr. John Campbell

Hello Everyone,My name is John Campbell and I am a retired Nurse Teacher and A and E nurse based in England. I also do some teaching in Asia and Africa when time permits. These videos are to help students to learn the background to all forms of health care. My PhD focused on the development of open learning resources for nurses nationally and internationally.


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  1. Sorry doc, love your videos & knowledge, but can I just point out regarding Russia, isn't it logical that if a large proportion of people are unvaccinated, then a large proportion of patients would be unvaccinated? In Singapore atm aren't a lot of patients vaccinated, again the correlation being a large percentage of the population and people let into the country are vaccinated? I use the term 'vaccinated' loosely

  2. If you decline the vaccine, I think you should forfeit your hospital spot if you get sick from Covid. Also – this comment section is a cesspool of anti-vaxxers lmfao.

  3. For the vaxxed verses unvaxxed graph on hospitalizations, how are they defining unvaxxed? My understanding is you are considered unvaxxed if within 14 days of the last injection. If this is how they are doing it for the graph then it is quite possible that partially vaxxed or completely vaxxed but within that 2 week window are being called unvaxxed. I would really like to know this as if this is the case then some of the unvaxxed category could actually be vaccine reactions. Can anyone confirm?

  4. How do you explain the latest figures from Scotland that show 93% of those listed as dying from Covid were double vaxxed? And how many listed dying from Covid actually died from it and not with it?

  5. Numbers of deaths in the US are huge cause unfortunately people are heavily morbidly obese. This has to be taken in consideration when talking about deaths in the us. They are most obese nation in planet and they didn't chanhe their eating habits but continue eating shit from fast food chains that has no nutritional value…

  6. “Safe”…..I had first AZ in March.10 days later lost most of my voice and right side of my neck came out in swollen lymph nodes although jab was in left arm.7 weeks to recover my voice and lymph nodes went down but have not yet disappeared. Several visits to GP. Dismissed that the vaccine was responsible considering I have never had a swollen lymph node and I am 62 years old. Kept repeating that all I had was an upper respiratory infection.
    2nd AZ on 3rd July.3 weeks later dizzy, light headed, fatigue and feeling dreadful.Then the headaches started all on the left side.I had covid in March 2020 and had the same headaches for 6 weeks. It’s now 10th November and headaches are still thumping.Haven’t even bothered contacting my GP due to previous visits.NHS 24 told me to buy stronger painkillers and I have just been unlucky!. Nurse said my systems wiring has went haywire with having covid then 2 vaccines. I assume that this will burn itself out in due course but each day is a struggle. I will not be taking the booster after the side effects of the previous vaccines. We def need mainstream media to report the side effects .It’s all about how safe it is so get yourself along and get vaccinated .Nothing further from the truth unfortunately.

  7. Is there any way you can check to see if you get vaccinated with pfizer moderna and or J&J that in the varients do they breed and encourage the viral loads to increase because these mRNA vaccines only attack one of hundreds of spike protiens? For example since only one spike is worked or used to kill the initial covid virus, would it be ok to think and assume that the variants are encouraged and changing to make higher more deadly viral loads? Took off one head but it doesnt eliminate it, it gives people a feeling of safety to tell everyone to vaccinate but when they do they start spreading the delta variants not the initial virus?

  8. IT also has a pattern, in the winter isnt it safe to assume that viruses get spread when people hide away inside and the winter keeps us inside spreading it to family. in the summer the viral loads go down and infected because of sunshine and uv and vitamin d.

  9. I never be againts any vaccine but this one with the risk of probably die ..or get infecting with you now.what what sikcnes ..we have to think about its like it go seat to get the vaccine and dont be sure its we are going to survive yes or not its like going to the guillotine ..its complite crazy ..thinks nobody care

  10. Comparing Europe to the US isn’t always the easiest thing to do, especially due to the northern latitudes contributing to the cold weather. I’d say the Northeast US is most comparable to Europe.

  11. This vaccine thing has separated me from family and have now lost 80% of my friends.This is all people want to talk about now which turns to fist up arguments rather quickly.

  12. We didn't stop/wipeout the Spanish Flu… it's still with us. With 3 to 5 million severe cases of the flu each and every year and an average of almost 400,000 deaths per year (yes that's 4 million over 10 year period)… why isn't the flu vaccine (which only covers some of the strains) mandated? Just asking?

  13. The science changes everyday. People are non – trusting of the government, CDC , WHO,NIH or media. The CDC changes its story and contradicts its self on a regular. This whole thing is a mess. Every time a vaccine shows it is failing or not as reliable they say yeah it is dropping but it works take the shot fully vaccinate. But if the protection is dissipating then why should I take it? CDC will answer just take it. States with high vaccination rate are hitting rough roads of covid and delta variant.
    CDC changed the definition of vaccine just to force this jab into the vaccine category. I read an article where a Pfizer scientist claimed the jabs are not vaccines they are gene therapy. That article has been removed permanently. Some scientists suggest the spike protein damages the cells DNA to create good immune responses so in the big picture is each dose doing irreversible damage that eventually the vaccinated will have compromised immune systems which makes you dependent on MRNA vaccine? I would be interested in learning if this is a theory that this might come into play.

  14. Both times I've had covid symptoms in the past 2 years I went immediately to my clinic and both times I tested negative, but it took around 5 hours each time, and had to wait until the next day for a confirmation

  15. I honestly don't know, I don't trust the government as they keep on lying yet I don't want to risk my family, its too experimental and its being forced, why?!? How many doses?!? Can they guarantee me if I get ill or have any severe side effects they will compensate my family? If its safe then why not? If they do say its safe then I'll take it no problem.

  16. Stop saying anti vaxxer I’m not anti vax I’m pro vax I’ve had all vaccine should I should have so have my kids I’m just not for this vaccine and never will be look at the adverse effects everyday we are seeing this is not normal and don’t pretend it is

  17. It's interesting when you show the graphs for the UK covid rise. Both, last year and this year are during the winter seasons. Question. What if the rise is caused from normal flu which happens in season change, flu season. Could it be that this is not covid and just flu. Influenza A spreads/infects rapidly. Most of the people been tested are not getting blood test to see which virus they have, and thus it's assumed they have covid.

  18. Did you see the recent study that wearing Masks puts you 13x's more likely to get it?? That if you Stay at Home or do Lock Down, you better get some Vit. D. Low Vit. D (if you stay inside, this is YOU) and age / over 65 is a common denominator in deaths. In the United States, Pelosi and her croonies are flying Covid around illegally to all airports for months. Spreading disease.

  19. If I would be Pfizer I would create a vaccin what will create the spread of sarscov2. If I would be Pfizer I would work with governments, Google, social media in order nearly the whole world will get my vaccin in order to make most of the world population sick with sarscov2. The moment we reached the global pandemic I would as Pfizer offer the world a pill to cure and sell it as the highest prices for the next 20 years.. Pfizer is a commercial pharma and if you see it asa business you have to create the problem, spread the problem and then offer the solution. Now we think those vaccins are the solution while the vaccins should be categorised as the way to spread the problem. The solution will come after in the cure and medicines such as the pills. Just think macro wise what would you do if you where Pfizer??

  20. Stop fanning the flames by using the deliberately enflaming word antivax – you are making assumptions about people, assuming their beliefs and you cannot know why every person refuses this particular 'super successful vaccine'. You discredit yourself every time it comes out your mouth.

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