Vaccines, variants and breakthrough infections with severe disease (from Livestream #90)

Clip taken from DarkHorse Podcast Livestream #90 (originally streamed live on July 31, 2021):


Let It Rip, Andrew Sullivan’s latest piece:

Lies, Damned Lies, and Vaccine Statistics, by a Dr. RollerGator,

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  1. I have tested positive several times this past two years. Never got sick! I TAKE CARE OF MY HEALTH! These people who are dropping like flies are UNHEALTHY! Natural immunity via your OWN healthy immune system is the way to go, not depending on snake oil injections!

  2. Looking at a second opinion about masking, on a community level, from the AAPS I don't see that the data we have now really supports masking. Furthermore, the pathogens found when masks were tested by parents of school-age children make me think much more research would be necessary into this issue before simply buying the idea that masking is a solid precaution. In a large portion of the pre-2020 research into masks, they could not be supported on a community level. Has this research really been found irrelevant and incorrect, or perhaps are people assigning powers to masking that are more imaginary than supported?

    There are preventative and early treatments that could have, and still could, change the picture and outlook. People have to be willing to look at these honestly without the fog. This takes courage in the face of the bad-media, but is a valid venture.

  3. I'm confused which to believe; when you said this jab is not a vaccine because it doesn't give immunity, or now when you call it a vaccine that does give immunity.

  4. You two don't get it ..and the odds that you ever do are very slim.

    Re: this covid saga you will forever keep trying to force the square peg of intellectualism into the round hole of something that is completely spiritual.

    The bible has the "data" you need.. but unfortunately that knowledge was not valued at the universities. Now you need it more than anything you've ever needed in your life.

  5. Why do we abandon the natural immunity. The more we use vaccines the more we weaken our immune response. A respiratory infection must start in the nasal passage to begin the TH1 response. Isn’t this mRNA a Frankenstein technology using our own cells to create the appearance of disease. You need a control group for a medical trial. I think 25% is a good number for the control group unless the idea is eliminate any evidence of a human DNA before COVID vaccines.

  6. I am an M.D. from Florida –What the facts reveal is that a vaccinated person can and will be infected with COVID…These "vaccinated" newscasters, parents, teachers, politicians, co-workers "get" another corona/COVID infection AND THEN that infected vaccinated person is contagious and a carrier like TYPHOID MARY…So, these infected vaccinated people then re-infects another vaccinated person who can and will catch it and continue the chain of infections even in vaccinated persons. People with the infection are contagious, whether they were vaccinated or not…People that are NOT infected, yes, even the unvaccinated are NOT contagious. No person can "spread" what they do not have…And we know that vaccinated people are now getting infected and are "super spreaders" because they do not know they are infected and contagious..

  7. Surely we all know masks are just for visual scaremongering. Virus particles are smaller than a mask filter, particles can enter through the eyes. If you can breathe wearing a mask you can breathe in particles, masks are making people think they are safe but for stopping this virus they are on par with the vaccine

  8. But isn't that the problem: we do not have a 'solid vaccine'. That would make no financial sense: why vaccinate to stop the virus when vaccinating to only alleviate the symptoms after infection will make far more money???
    This is yet another piece I have listened to where some fucc-wit goes on about how the vaccine is going to prevent infection… No it doesn't! It never has and probably never will: the prick makers never claimed that will: the manufacturers always clearly stated that the 'vaccine' (and I use that word very loosely) only prevents serious illness and death *AFTER INFECTION*… and even that has turned out to be a fairly flimsy case

  9. In the beginning of covid, If they really cared about saving lives, they wouldn't have shunned medical treatment with meds like Hydroxychloroquine, ivermectin etc to ease patient's symptoms till their own immune system would overtake the virus untill vaccines would arrive. Instead they chose the do nothing approach and see if they pull through! There are plenty of medicines that offer benefits other than what they were created for that are used to treat patients

  10. Dear Weinstein/Heying, can you please address the differences (if any) between body’s autoimmune systems response to the mRNA vaccines (eg Pfizer) vs. the inactivated virus type vaccines? (eg Sinovac from China and Covaxin from India) (1) which one seem to provide protection for a longer periods (compared to getting and recovering from the live virus) and (2) comparison of their protection against a wider types of variants

  11. Crazy that STEM faculties demand students wear the blue 3 ply disposable masks. 2 separately done Hamburg, Germany studies tested these masks ( sample size could be larger) and found traces of cancer causing Aniline, formaldehyde and ‘ Teflon’ that when wet they are released! 3,000,000 million masks are dropped each minute! Yet these Environmental departments remain silent! They should be tested them as well!

  12. . .how about this, how about a preemptive prophylactic in protocol with small intermittent doses of Ivermectin, or HydroxyChloroQuine backed with Zinc. .
    🌸Preemptive are as effective by deterring an immediate hospital stay, by not wallowing in disabling symptoms, etc. .it would be no different then to wear a raincoat in storms in order to prevent a chest 🦠 cold .. deploying a preemptive protocol protects the environment within the body including protection from viruses . .both Ivermectin and HydroxyChloroQuine are vetted drugs which have been in use collectively for more than 70+ years, used by world militaries to protect troops, affordable and safe ❗️

  13. Wife and I are expecting our first baby. 12 weeks so far. Not had vaccination and I am not keen as there is not enough information out there for us to make an informed decision. Would you recommend my wife to take it? Know of a person who is in third trimester and in the hospital. Currently wife works at school and has very mild asthma. Any thoughts and advice is welcome. Not sure what to do! Thank you.

  14. All these people love to hear themselves talk. Just to say if you've been vaccinated you can still get Covid and still give Covid. The only real advantage is you probably won't get as sick!

  15. It's interesting going back and watching idiots arguing about irrelevancies.

    The argument was never really about whether vaccines were 100% effective, whether people were making that claim or otherwise.

    It's always been about what these two end up doing at the end, the justification of medical authoritarianism on the grounds of completely unrealistic expectations of reality.

    "Smart people" thinking they are smarter than everyone else.
    If only everyone had done what we say they should do.
    Literally never happens, you're an idiot.

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