Vandana Shiva: “People Are Dying Now!!” Is This The Great Reset In Action?!!

I spoke to Vandana Shiva about how globalisation and the systems of powerful elites like Bill Gates are potentially leading to so many deaths in countries like India.
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Written by Russell Brand


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  1. You were apart of the Hollywood elite. What did YOU see, what did YOU witness first hand? I love the interview, and it opened my mind to things I only joked about. I do wonder though, youve had experience with some of the most powerful people in the world. How did that shape your world view.

  2. Russell should host a Bill Mahr style live show with guests he chooses. Fancy sets and shiny lights are what's missing in his message. An extraordinary amount of people are still hypnotised by the glamor of modern media.

  3. She's not wrong coming in the future things will change and you have to wonder if it's going to be something we can manage enough for our survival. Imagine indigenous people are the remains of civilizations of the past and know what is true and laws of nature and going against it will cause great destruction. The Planet doesn't rely on humans for survival. But we most certainly rely on the planet for our survival. Amd with this billionaire space race happening shows they don't really care. Seen Elon musk say we need to go out into space because the sun's gonna blow everything up which is true but so far away it's crazy thatsvhis motivation. These people now have the iss I'm the sky and now if you have enough money and resources now you have a way of flying in the sky and getting away from tidal waves and volcanoes and things. So they really don't care if the world goes to shkt their gonna wait up there til then need and then come back down you must realize this not some conspiracy thats why they don't care what happens. They have a way out of that and know how they are going to survive such a thing. So there letting the destruction go on with little concern. They have machines that make water when the humidity is above 45% and will make you clean drinking water out of moisture in the ambient air. As an human experiment we should give everyone who lives around something like that a machine and do with what need with the water. But to show on the effect we have on things and if done enough for along enough time and see and document our ability to truly effect the Planetbamd things in it. Maybe then we would see easily we cam effect the things around us cause there's always cause and effect always its a law of nature cause and effect. Maybe one day we will change and realize this fact but maybe not too which is scary we are causing for our survival chance or probability to be very small with little concern for that which is right there this arrogance like she said they will over come any problem I have these kinds of thoughts and ideas that why when she said them I have to comment cause she not wrong she great will go down as a great person from India once I heard work on your communication skills cause when you open your mouth you tell the world who you are good or bad breath lol her and Candice Owen's was s shocker for me when she said if you want more programs and things for people that's government so your actually saying more government not less and listened to everything she said and there are things that are yo be believed a certain way but in reality have the complete or opposite effect and intention some findnit hard to see but that's not wrong Teo on my favorite cause I listen and learn with these two great people was gonna say women but why can't there be great everything man woman or whatever galactic spiritual liquid being you think you are that last wad outta pocket but some people are for actually trying to convince themselves they belive your a 4th dimensional creature riding on a cloud in space get the fuck outta with that type of shit your a certain color class and type of person not a goddess from ancient Greek lol something ar work and some things just aren't there's logic and not logical people but not everything should be allowed or a thing we have to have some standard in today age but starts with the governments and people stop abusing their powers and being bought by companies that's what really needs to stop

  4. Russell, thank you for being a voice for peace, unity, freedom and just generally pro humanity. I truly believe together we can overcome all the corruption and control by imbracing more decentralized solutions to insure our preservation and nourishment.

  5. Russell, deep inside….people love to be led! Turkish saying “The trees continued to select the axe as its handle was made of wood so they thought it was one of them”. This is the foundation of leftism or today’s liberalism.

  6. God created this earth, and also the mechanism in which Earth should sustain. But man likes to be "in control" and in greed and an insatiable appetite to want more power/control, messes things up big time. Everything that we are given to look after, is being massively exploited by rich individuals to generate more wealth for themselves. Wealth that they can never finish spending in their lifetime since they are only using the wealth for themselves, and wealth they cannot bring along when they pass on. We are living in the end times, and there will be a great reset indeed, not by corrupted man, but by our righteous, gracious, merciful and Almighty God. And the wicked will be judged and given an eternal sentence in the burning pits.

  7. The sheer arrogance of The God Men is staggering. Indifference is the correct word. A sustainable world requires a die back. Humanity as we know it is doomed unless we rise up.

  8. Russell, you might have 4.5 mil. subs, but it’s rarely even close to that amount the end up consecutively watching your videos. Maybe say “hello you 800k viewers?” Or if you want to be cocky 3mil. The rest of these slackers subbed and forgot that they subbed. Go with the average. You’ll appear more humble, and gain subscribers. Plus I’m just sick of hearing you open videos with something directly tied to your enormous well above average success, only to try and tell us how to be more humble😂 It’s really counterintuitive innit?

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