Vandana Shiva: “THIS Is Bill Gates’s Farming Agenda”

Renowned environmental activist and author, Vandana Shiva, joined me at our first ever live community event in Hay-On-Wye. We spoke about how the mainstream media have framed the Dutch Farmer protests, the hidden land grab agenda and how data is not the highest evidence for living, a good healthy body is!
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Written by Russell Brand


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  1. I love her. Thank you, I had never heard of Vandana until I started watching you. I feel smarter and more awake having listened to what you both had to say. I hope the world can hear what she has to say here.

  2. Something is definitely wrong when Bill Gates transforms from a software developer to the world's de facto public health czar and begins to amass acres of farmland.

    Who else is responsible for this greatest mother of all schemes what they are really up to?????🤔🤔🤔

  3. @Russellbrand look into Australia warning us about the potential spread of foot and mouth disease in cows coming from Bali that would kill our 80 billion dollar livestock industry. Impeccable timing is it not???

  4. Unfortunately, the people that need this information will view this as radical conspiracy. The truth has become conspiracy and conspiracy has become truth. I don’t mean to be a pessimist but it’s going to be near impossible to fix this.

  5. Dutch farmers:. How can you stop the government in their tracks without leaving your farms? Start trying to experiment with different forms of nitrogen, so you can stop the commercial fertilizer. See what the new excuse is then.

  6. Farmers – FORCED by the man to use products NOT NEEDED to grow the food we consume – out of CHEMICALS that are harmful are now informed They are the problem, they must stop now, give over your land, or else.
    Well – Why, pray tell, are "they" not going after the REAL Pollutors = Big Oil, Big Industry, Big Business, and Big Shipping as they are the ones who BLECH out untold amounts of nasty into the land, sea, and air EVERY DAY. Interesting how SILENT the media is about them.
    V.S. has interesting and notable things to say BUT in her quest for doing things in a more organic way – her thoughts about these things are MISSING something that is oddly a piece of information she should know – YET says nothing about it.
    Our Oceans ARE the LARGEST carbon sinks on this Rock.
    Regardless of what "scientists" (they work in theory – what could be or may be – NOT it is) say or write – there is no way to supersaturate or cause the oceans to be unable to take on more carbon –
    The masses continue to be duped into thinking and believing theories without solid evidence to back it up.
    Of course, big farmers can go organic – that used to be the ONLY way to farm for thousands of years.
    There is so much more than what she says going on. The Days of a present-day Dark Ages are coming faster and faster.
    Know your History.

  7. The time has come for one world order, world economy (it's intentionally collapsing), world health, world goverenment… Get in line for your number or they will take your food, your gas, freedom to speak, gun, everything. Just in case you haven't heard… God so loved the world He gave His son Jesus that whoever believes will have everlasting life. John 3:16 Please repent/believe before the rapture, before the one world government. Please think about it dont be left behind. Love Ya

  8. The world.. We the People really need to focus on taking the globalist out of power. That needs to be the main focus. Not that we should ignore their crimes against humanity but really, there needs to be a shift of focus on stopping the globalists because they are what created the world's problems and stopping them is Paramount. Revolution now.

  9. I love Russel’s content, but his over-the-top manner of delivery is so off-putting I have not sent any of his videos to my friends. At it is they think I’m a tin foil hat nut because of my stance on the vac cines. This would be more evidence to them that I’ve lost my mind.

  10. The betrayal of our politicians to the New World Order, World Economic Forum Planned UNIPCC Agenda21/30/50 global warming Charade and net-zero CO2 emissions reduction HOAX sabotaging all Industrialized countries Sovereignty, economy, energy, Industry and food production are the Real facts! When Science becomes politicised and all Scientific debate closed down, Science is no longer Science and Science became as Corrupt as global politics!!

  11. …they're literally targeting a few Amish people in the states and throwing them impossible guidelines right now because they're nervous… at first the guidelines were on paper to exclude the general public… then it was made members only and they still pulled the "I do what I want" card.. I'll share it… mad respect making it public information… it's hard to be sane in an insane world.

  12. I know you won't see this, but Russell, dude — you brought the devil on to warn us about fire. This woman is DIRECTLY responsible for the disaster in Sri Lanka! She completely destroyed Sri Lanka's agricultural output basically overnight. HER agenda is the Great Reset, brother! Her paychecks are cut by Western NGOs for God's sake. Look into this, please, because she is a bringer of misery and ruin!

  13. I am so grateful that you are waking so many people. I've been screaming about this for over a decade. But no one gives a shit what I have to say.

  14. Amazing woman this agenda is anti human because it is coming from other beings not human friendly and is being implemented by people selling out their own race for position and money and when these ets have finished using the gates of the world they will do away with them as well. the nazi's did the same to the jews giving them special privileges to do the jobs they didn't want then killed them nobody gets into the inner club this is why there is a gap at the top of the pyramid it's not connected to the masses

  15. i'm not trying to be a negative person, but why is the red dot getting bigger? It just seem like as a child this was not as pronounced on the forehead.

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