Vanderbilt Pediatrics Admits To Mutilating Kids For Money | Ep. 1092

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Two million illegals were apprehended at the border in just one year, Vanderbilt’s pediatric gender clinic admits mutilating kids for big money, and Harvard can’t figure out why young people are so miserable.

0:00 2 Million Illegals Apprehended at Border This Year
3:09 My Favorite Comment
4:55 Illegals Sue DeSantis
8:40 DeSantis Doesn’t Quite Send Migrant Planes to Delaware Airport Near Biden Home
12:21 GOP Leading in All Georgia Races
16:49 Maroon 5 Guy Denies Affair
21:48 Vanderbilt Trans Health
32:07 Why Should Canadian High School Teacher Not Teach?
38:43 David Hogg Never Wants Kids
44:29 Harvard Study: Why Are Young Americans So Miserable?
46:58 John Boyega: I Only Date Black

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Written by Michael Knowles


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  1. Excuse me Mr. Knowles, by chance could you add in links to articles in the description? I am not saying I have no trust in your movement, I just prefer to do my own study to understand it on my own.

  2. Sadly-even though this goes against my morality; intellectually I have come to the point where I don't want libs to procreate, even if it means they have to end pregnancies, regardless of term.

  3. I like Michael Knowles, but I wish he'd incorporate more Bible scriptures into what is happening here in America and around the world. The Bible reigns Supreme above all else including the U.S. Constitution, and it's the infallible Word of God.

  4. Things “conservatives” messed up on in the past 100 years: corporatism and consumerism which is tied to “freer the marker. Freer the people.” We need to drop that phrase because as you said with freedom in relation to people the same applies to businesses (specifically publicly traded corporation)

  5. As a 16 year old male, who also (THANK GOD) happens to be homeschool, if I saw that "teacher" anywhere in my vicinity try to lecture me, I would literally break Usain Bolt's record and sprint faster than Mach Speed and be in another country with common sense, maybe Russia even (I'm Ukrainian btw).

  6. I hope LGBT fanatics realize that they are the victims of a colossal scam, a sleazy hypocrisy that exploits the weaknesses of young people just to make money. Even the film industry, social networks and influencers do not care about people's problems, but only exploit them for $$$

  7. You should put a link in the description taking us who are already members to the point in the video where this one leaves off.

    Edit: Sorry, I'm trying to be more polite. Could you please put a link in the description taking us who are already members to the point in the video where this one leaves off? Thanks

  8. The Canadian breast fetish teacher should be dismissed for not practicing basic safety. It's incredibly dangerous to leave long hair and clothes unsecured around power tools. I mean, safety is the first thing that a shop teacher should teach, but he finds it more important to wear, not only EXTRA hair, but leave it down as well, which is only vanity. It is absolutely not safe. Now everything else is irrelevant

  9. Boghossian finds it difficult to make an argument against the kind of behavior that teacher exhibits because he's an atheist. He lacks the tools of good old common sense because he sticks to the liberal mindset. He's just a sane liberal. Unfortunately. I like him alot, almost as much as I like the agnostic James Lindsay.

  10. I subscribed to Michael Knowles YouTube Channel after I saw a short video where he debunks political and social topics at Universities – I found him very knowledgeable and courageous. Spanish is my first language but I began listening to his show to learn more advanced English, not only have I learned so many words and concepts, but I have also expanded my knowledge in very important political and social views between Republicans and Democrats. I share these videos amongst Hispanics that are deceived by the fake narrative of some media outlets. I would love if The Daily Wire had a Hispanic host, it would help reaching out to people like myself that care about this country, the families, righteousness and conservative values; together we can be the majority and be able to stop some of the non-sense. I am now a huge fan of this show, but I’m also fan of Ben, Matt, Candice & Andrew, they are fearless and outspoken, I command all of them for their contribution to society.

  11. You hit the nail on the head. It’s all about money. They don’t care that it’s ruining kids lives. I see transgenderism as a fad among the youth. Kids want to do what other kids do. They don’t understand the long term effects. If parents support it I see that as child abuse. I’ll be glad when this weird desire dies out and they go to something else. We’ve gone through tide pods to this. Wake up parents!! Protect your children!!

  12. local or federal law enforcement should step up and enforce our existing laws such as harming and mutilating children. arrest all that are involved in butchering a child -this has happened many times in my county ,not for gender change change but for spanking a child, not haveing food,heat or decent clothing. even when people were doing drugs with syringes and other dangerous items near children. as for people with mind sets such a david hog or other far mental ideas it seems as though we are headed for more dvision one america with a constitution, unity ,rights etc.. this america is where i will be. the other america is those that prey on children, expect plenty but want me to pay for it and hate the greatest nation ever and want to tear it down.they can crawl into the cracks anddo evil but when they harm cildren and those that are unable to fend for themselves and begin to tear america down there willbe problems. they won't build america back better because our recent history bares evidence that these folks can't build back better and actually can do nothing constructive at all heck every thing they touch in the last 200 days turned to rot. this happened before, the civil war, god wo over the vile evil rodent. oh yes, it happened before also and with identecal circumstances. a place called sodom.

  13. exactly,
    first drs gave out pain med like candy for year's, making millions of dollars, creating addicts in the process, don't get me wrong, a lot of people do need to be on stuff like that because of constant pain,
    issue is they cracked down on the drs, where they cut people off many cold turkey who had been on the stuff for 10 plus year's,,,,those 100s of thousands maybe millions of people still had the same pain, an still were addicted, so they looked for relief elsewhere, an because of that many got addicted to even worse stuff, basically ruining these peoples lives because the stuff is almost impossible to kick,,,,

    but because they had to stop giving out the stuff all Willy nilly, they couldn't make bags of cash from the pharmaceutical company, so what do they do not long after,
    all the stuff we are seeing with top bottom surgery, all the med they give for that, so they go right back to making millions of dollars,,,,
    it is soooo insidious,,,

  14. Sometimes you are a child. In my youth the phrase fiscally conservative and domestically liberal covered 2/3rds of Republicans… the Eisenhower conservatives vs. The intrusive religious right. Small government and low or no GOVERNMENT social programs. No censorship and equal rights and staying out of people's bedrooms. Talk like yours shows your leftist intolerant roots and your smug religious intolerance. Disappointing.

  15. Knowles needs to listen to some Timcast, he is wrong on his point of left and right having kids. It’s common sense if the left doesn’t have kids and the right does the next generation with be more right wing. That’s why gen z is slightly more conservative than the previous generation, because 20 years ago on average the right was having more kids

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