Vapid Hypocrite Nancy Pelosi Ignores Covid Restrictions to Get a Hair Cut

Nancys’ wig needed a trim:


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  1. Just like that Bloody University Professor in the UK who violated the lockdown measures because he wanted to bang some left leaning bint, that he himself recommended to the government, The measures he suggested were based on computer simulations that contained gross errors because he was using dated software.

  2. No one with an ounce of intelligence is buying phony Pelosi's story. This hair stylist could have gone to Nancy's walled mansion and done her hair with no one being the wiser, but no. Nancy wouldn't want a member of the peasant class to see the opulence and glitz in which the anointed one per centers like herself live.

  3. Its Not Hair Folks! Its A Synthetic fake Helmet …… Created to Cushion The Bitches Head During Bad News And Truth When The News Hits That She Farts….MUMMY DUST AHHHHHHHHHHHHHG!

  4. My grandmother passed away at 98 with a full head of hair. Yes, it was thin, partly white, partly grey but still had some of her original color. Hair loss is more a factor of genetics than actual age.

  5. Just throwing this out there. Mayor Becky Ames of Beaumont, Texas did the same, though she only got busted for the nail salon, and that was early on in the corona freak out. I think every politician from Pelosi to the middle of Butt-fuck Nowheresville needs to be called out and remembered for doing the whole “rules for thee, not for me!” during this pandemic.

  6. Worst part is they'll still vote for the old hag, even though she acts like she's better than them, it's really sad. They should expect better from people who are supposed to represent them.

  7. Styx, I find your demeanor very pleasing and confident. I don't agree with all your politics, but you make good points. What do you think it was about your childhood that gave you the air of confidence you have?

  8. 3:50 People could open their businesses tomorrow if they wanted…it's just many are afraid of Big Daddy Govt. They also seem to forget that the govts of the world are supposed to be servants of the people, not the other way around.
    (Or they know it, but are afraid so they fall in line and utter not a peep)