Variant and sub variant classifications are arbitrary (from Livestream #135)

Clip taken from DarkHorse Podcast Livestream #135 (originally streamed live on July 23, 2022):

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Nature News article on prior Omicron infection:

CDC on SARS-CoV2 variants:

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In this 135th in a series of live discussions with Bret Weinstein and Heather Heying (both PhDs in Biology), discuss the state of the world though an evolutionary lens. Find more from us on Bret’s website ( or Heather’s website (

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  1. I notice, since school is starting, they have a mass advertising for children to get vaccinated to keep them safe! These are really compelling commercials that made you feel you got to get them vaccinated if you really care for you child. What will this cause iff all og our children keep getting this covid vax? It looks like most of them will be on a continual bases. What will be the out come for this. Most parents are too busy to be researchers with working long hours and raising children. They just will go with the main health advise of what your suppose to do.

  2. Time for Booster# 53
    Cause 2 is Not enough for Thee. 🤣🎓💉🧠💰🤓👍
    I Literally said this in The Beginning of The One Eyed Farmers Pharmaceutical Circus 2years ago
    in video on my other channel.Toldja

  3. This is just one big “gain of function “ experiment. I real enjoy your information. Thanks. I don’t know why they let you present this stuff on YouTube?? I’m happy your here. 💞☮️

  4. I test the swabs at work & no one keeps track of what variant. People just guess based on symptoms. (I'm sure the reference labs do, though)
    That being said… I got it in December 2021 & had bacterial pneumonia AND the ground glass appearance of C pneumonia.
    I earned every natural antibody. I thought I was good & immune to everything. BUT I currently tested positive! 7 months after full blown disease? All I can guess is that my natural immunity only lasted 6 months or it doesn't work on this new variant.
    I have medical lab background with immunology specialty. I am dumbfounded. I seriously thought that I would have natural immunity to all variants.

  5. I just spent a month in the hospital and 17 days of that were in the icu. I was in the same hospital in May for 8 days and caught nothing. Most of the nursing stafe who are vaccinated have had Covid twice. I have never been vaccinated and have been in contact with those that were infected like my brother who has had it twice , yet I have never had as much as a sniffle. I have been surviving with heart failure for about 10 years yet I have never had serious problems with viruses. For some people these Covid viruses seem to be a danger. But there are others that the Covid virus seems to have little or no effect and this has been completely ignored. They say follow the science, what I have noticed is the people saying this are largely politicians and medical bureaucrats and they never seem to provide the science that they speak of. So I have just tuned them out. I plan on living the life I have left and have no intentions of letting a bunch of politicians exploite and cheat me out of precious days I will never get back.

  6. I do learn alot from these discussions and interviews you have conducted. But I had to smirk a
    bit when you just said the democrats went ‘south’ with their corruption “like the republicans had been so good at” during the clinton(s) era. I think perhaps, maybe it became more eye opening to some, but democrats were the original KKK and republicans were the party whom ultimately began secured anti-slavery laws. The two parties have members who have ‘held hands’ for decades; so while there are only two viable party options, the republicans SAY they stand for more ‘right’ things than ‘wrong’. (In my humble opinion) Look at the platforms.
    But thanks for your objective, mind-stretching scientific discussions

  7. I am 70, high BP but well controlled and overweight. Unvaxxed. My vaxxed family came from the UK & we were in close contact for 2 days. Both my husband & me caught covid. I was much worse than he was. I think we probably caught it from the vaxxed family members. When shedding is mentioned, the vaxxed tend to roll their eyes & change the subject!

  8. I am having possibly my 4th round with covid. Jan 2020 (suspect), Feb 2021, Jan 2022, & now Jul 2022. In Jan this year I was negative rapid swab, wife was positive. This time she was negative rapid swab, I was positive. Last two rounds we were told that insurance would not cover blood AG tests, only after we insisted we both were tested & both positive. Why are they not recommending blood AG tests?

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