Vaxx Booster Reactions Forces School Closings

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  1. Shit I really don’t want to get the booster. I have such horrible memories of my bad reactions from the second jab. I felt like I was withdrawing from heroin. Judging by how it’s portrayed in movies. Why would I want to do that to myself again when I already had Covid!?

  2. Jimmy, I appreciate your courageous report. But you need to brush up on your knowledge on immunology. We don’t have to be infected or vaccinated to ward off the ccp virus. CDC wants us to believe humanity is helpless against a “novice” virus. It's pure scare tech.

    Nothing is completely new. Everything however is somewhat new. We would all have died if we had to catch and survive each and every virus coming our way. Our body has many defense mechanisms. Please study up on them.

    Among these there’s this thing called cross immunity. The smallpox vaccine is an excellent example of using immunity to a lesser risk (cowpox,vaccine means cow) to create immunity to a much bigger one.

    Africa and India, where many variants came from, on the whole is less vaccinated, yet have fared better due very likely to cross immunity.

  3. Thx for truth as always JD.. I still have a daily recurring dull headache in the back of my head since my 2nd Pfizer.. I probably have had covid a few times (once for sure) because I’m a working musician.. so oddly enuff I won’t b rushing out anytime soon for my Biden booster 🤣 wait I guess I’m a russki racist

  4. A friendly reminder to the vast majority of people on this thread that Jimmy prefaces his story by clearly stating he's NOT anti-vax. He's just pro info. We should all be privy to all the info to make an informed choice. Jimmy is vaccinated. He's also anti vax mandate. There's a clear distinction that seems lost on most.

  5. GBNews has a video up where an individual sites a study suggesting that you can have a 25% increase from 5% of a heart attack after receiving the Mrna vaccine but the producers of the study are unwilling to publish their findings because they don't want their government funding to end. Check it out here on YouTube under GBNews

  6. So, someone said the staffing shortage was because of booster side effects? Who said that, where is the proof that this was the case? More strong reporting from Jimmy dumb dumb on the Twitter verse. This is why you are called anti vaxx Jimmy. This is basically a Facebook post from some random person. But keep getting those right wing clicks.

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