Vaxx Side Effect: Sudden Hearing Loss Reported

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  1. goes to show you what smear/slander tactics conservatives have been targeted with for 12+ years, should make us pause and see the anti-establishment left and right have a common foe in liberty-quashing tyranny and unite on key baselines:

    freewill individual choice, uncensored diversity of all contradictory thought speech religion press science culture persons, the freedom to peaceably assemble and protest, and to carry arms for self security [deterrence works and it never had anything to do with sport].

  2. It is so creepy how every person with side effects ranging from mild like this to severe all repeat the same mantra about how they don't regret it. It's reminds me of the Manchurian Candidate "Raymond Shaw is the kindest, bravest, warmest, most wonderful human being I've ever known in my life."

  3. The gaslighting I am seeing go on with this product is one of the reasons I will never get it. I am seeing people have severe side effects and mg coworkers REFUSING to call it what it is…adverse vax reaction.

  4. I appreciate his willingness to admit what happened to him so others can learn from his mistake. Don't let anyone peer pressure you into hurrying. Trust your gut, and take your time people.

  5. Used to like Jimmy more when he truly provided a progressive message and was a champion for the working class. Now that he's courting the crazy conspiracy theorists not so much. Too bad he diverted from the most fundamentally issue facing the US (class warfare) and is getting sucked down the rabbit hole of chasing clicks. Truly wish he wasn't distracted by sideshows like this which do nothing to unify the masses against the ruling elite but rather do quite the opposite. Hoped he would remain ever vigilant to the cause of justice and never waiver from a commitment to end the global war on the poor and the middle class. Sad to see Jimmy veer off course like this but hope he finds his way back to the true fight of our lifetime.

  6. 1:25 mayo clinic doctor greg poland who 'dispels vax myths' admits his post-vax tinnitus started 90 minutes post-vaxx so now has a new vax perspective. 3:58 suffers find no help through doctors and their social group discussions all get blacklisted/banned.

    7:40 major study and expert advisory panel in UK finds risk of c19 issues for kids extremely low, margin of vaxx benefit miniscule, but the UK gov chose to ignore the advise and push the vaxx anyway as will the L.A. unified school district.

    10:55 biden's DOJ indicted hillary clinton's lawyer for planting false trump-russia conspiracy hoax and lying to FBI, etc. and russell brand covered and comments on the story, then the lockdown left attacks him as a right wing maga trumper.

  7. I don't trust the vaccines after reading copious amounts of info. in their regard. This virus has killed, maimed, divided, impoverished and completely disrupted our way of life. Think it was an accident? Read, read, read!!! Why aren't health officials telling people that a virus doesn't act this way? The US has been releasing viruses into the large cities since the 1920s. Yeh, go ahead, get it without thinking or researching – – – that always works out.

  8. I love how ABC News chase down people that got tinnitus on the vaccine but didn't try or waste their time reporting on any of the other issues and asking people that have gotten the vaccine that have had issues developed like myocarditis sounds like they're nitpicking because they don't want to go to these people cuz these people would say no I would not have gotten the shot if I had known this would have happened to me

  9. Surprise! Surprise! more surprises to come you are the experiment the results are rolling in as the drug is being pushed in. ???? What we do know is what ever happens to you as a result of this experiment nobody is responsible!!! Really!! IQ have dropped like the twin towers. Not only that your giving them your children!!! What kind parents are you ??

  10. How can democrats not see we're in trouble when one of the most honest lefty's left on YouTube is getting squeezed? Its noxious…
    Also I'd recommend getting your experts from the group that doesn't have side effects from the vaccination 🤣

  11. Now we know for certain that the vaxxed are still very contagious to everyone! And they can still get Covid themselves even after booster shots. I would rather use my own antibodies than trust some crazy brew of "medicine" not approved. No faith in the FDA anymore either.

  12. 🐑Our Heavenly Father spoke of the lambs and sonic went boom between power plants for violating the rights of others and they can prepare for a 7 headed dragon bounded under the water. The forbbiden knowledge🍎🌳basket of 🍎s is empty of rotten glitching angelic beings that Our Heavenly Father called false gods in his commandments including china 👽5germy🍎alienated in space.

  13. Only a shill could deny the obvious. Thousands have died the same day or within 2 weeks of getting the jab, when they were previously healthy with no symptoms. The “official” response from the financially compromised manufacturers and their compromised “employees” at the CDC, FDA, NIH, and the bribed politicians claim that “you aren’t vaxxed until after 14 days. And after 14 days the doctors afraid of big pharma aren’t reporting, and Vaers claims that 1-5% get reported anyway. Corruption at the most egregious level possible. FDA wants 2 year olds to get it now. The media censors the photos of healthy babies looking like they have Aids after the jab. Disgusting. FDA execs aren’t taking the jab by the way.

  14. people need to learn about what vares really is. one thing it's not is an evidence based data repository. anyone is free to log in and file a complaint after a vaccination. and just because a hundred people report a pain in their ass a day after getting a covid vaccination does not mean that the vaccination caused it. more likely it can be attributed to either their spouse or boss.

  15. Amtrack Joe! Haha! Do you know that an executive from Amtrack said that Joe Biden did use the Amtrack bit not like you think! He had 3 luxury VIP cars reserved for him at all times! The executive said that it costed Amtrack over a billion dollars of lost revenue having those cars empty most of the time for all those years!

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