VELMA – EP. 7 & 8 | Film Threat Reviews

Poor Alan Ng reviews episode 7 and 8 of “Velma,” now playing on HBO Max.

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Produced by Chris Gore, Alan Ng, Glenn Brown and Ryan O’Donnell
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  1. What happened to Mindy? I used to love her in the office. She was so funny. I actually hope she can bounce back from this and admit it was crap like Cloony did with Batman and Robin.

  2. Velma appears to be a show with the privilege of having the only purpose, and being allowed to be based entirely on the dislike for a whole demographic.
    Then complain about them having privilege. Hilarious.

  3. If HBO green lights season 2 then we know they don’t care a quality product being released. They know this show is a flop whether it’s being “hate watched” or not.
    As an old school fan of Scooby Doo, I’m always game for a new take but this needs to end so better products can be produced…you know for paying audiences.
    This could have worked had you actually made a quality show w/a new spin that honored the original characters then do the terrible Velma spin-off. I’m sure it could have had takers out there.
    I think Mindy was really good as a character in a thing in small doses but we don’t need her politics. Nobody does and nobody cares enough to sit through this. This show is a full on Mindy thing that just doesn’t work on any level.
    The episodes are exhaustingly unenjoyable, period.

  4. Instead of Tom Holland, why not Chris Hemsworth? No not only is it weak improv comedy, it’s badly written as well. It really feels like they did a single pass on all these jokes.

  5. Never say the name of a killer, because they're entire purpose was to get attention. To be remembered.
    This garbage will only be remembered as an attack piece, with no other purpose but to anger people, while others laugh at that pain, and gleefully say, cry me a river.
    Hypocrites that claim to stand for something, till they get an inch of power, then it's flipped 180, and they become the willing carrier of the disease.
    It's revenge, plain and simple.

  6. Anyone else wake up and realized you fell asleep in the first three minutes of the show’s premise? I’m just waking up after 12 hours. This is weird, this velma shit sucks.

  7. Not watched one episode of this bet through the reviews I’ve watched, I think I’ve got a good idea of how they’re going to throw scooby in it. They’re going to make him the murderer and completely kill this brand off.

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