Veritas Posts PROOF Of Cash Paid For Ballots, Police Investigating, Ilhan Omar MOCKS Trump Over It

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  1. “Today, the Supreme Court ruled in favor of Minnesota voters by reversing the injunction against the Ballot Harvesting ban.

    “Over the past few months, we’ve watched as Democrats have used COVID-19 as a means to circumvent the legislative process and instead change our election laws through the courts. Today’s ruling upholds the ballot harvesting ban and brings some much-needed integrity back to our election system.

    “While many recent rulings leave the door open to rampant fraud, today, voters can rest a little easier knowing that ballot harvesting remains illegal thanks to our joint efforts with the Republican National Committee.”

    For Immediate Release

    September 4, 2020

    Contact: Jack Tomczak


    MINNEAPOLIS, Minn. – Republican Party of Minnesota Chairwoman Jennifer Carnahan released the following statement

  2. I'm surprised that Omar's response to Trump was limited to his tax returns. I thought that it would also include some rant about his tweets being racist, misogynistic, and Islamophobic.

  3. KMSP is our local FOX affiliate. Of course they're not going to think Ilhan Omar's campaign is up to no good! She's Minnesota's darling, voted in based on THREE, count 'em, THREE qualifications!!! What are those qualifications? 1. Black 2. Muslim 3. Woman.

  4. The part about the Muslim community being told to vote for her because of Palestine and stopping US money to Israel was interesting.


  5. Conviction of Voter Fraud – regardless of whether the person does time and pays a fine etc – should be a never get to vote again scenario. EVER.

  6. i love how when these stories come out they always claim its some right wing conspiracy but how convenient is it that stories about trump come out then less than an hour later theres campaign ads on tv about it almost like they are being given these stories in advance so they can make the ads and time the releases

  7. You really need to stop saying that us Trump supporters are too confident in POTUS winning. It's not confidence, WE know he will win. If you haven't noticed…everything the fake msm and democrats has thrown at him since he was elected, hasn't stuck.
    Donald Trump was chosen by the Almighty for such times we live in. It has been prophesied for many year's even before he decided to run. It would be nice to hear you be more positive.

  8. I live in a VERY red area of a very red state, and I see more Biden signs than Trump signs. Do NOT sit around. Trump needs the popular vote. It doesn't matter where you live, you need to vote.

  9. Tim: "I thought they were going to cheat in 2016 and they didn't…" lol naive much? Just because they didn't have enough corruption to seal the deal doesn't mean they weren't doing all the same things. Amplifying and spinning narrative, harvesting votes, buying of electors, blackmailing influencers, registering and casting votes by the dead … the depth of depravity of Dems knows no bounds. Vote early vote often has been a meme before memes were memes

  10. "Anyone demanding universal mail-in voting is cheating in the election." That is either a lie, or complete bullshit. Take your pick.
    Stick to things of which you have proof, and then no-one can deny your allegation. But as long as you are saying stupid things like this everything else you say is under suspicion.

  11. Tim, you need to come down one way or the other on your predictions. You can't predict both are going to lose then claim you were right on election day. If you can't make a prediction you are comfortable with then you should refrain from predicting. Love you bro, but just saying.

  12. Democrats crave power to the point they will seriously damage this country to do it. They have always been "the end justifies the means" party. Now its overt corruption.

  13. Tim changes his mind on if Trump is going to win or not in every video. One video he says landslide then the next video in the same day is Tim being super pessimistic. I can't follow his mind anymore.

  14. These people calling the video fake, or being of shit quality where you can't even tell what's happening and who is talking, are the same people who automatically believe CNN when they have ''anonymous sources'' lol.

  15. Put the wrong information down on the valley so when it's time to count them you can justify hey this is incorrect. "Just Ignore the ones that are wrong that vote for your team"

  16. Omar's election is credibly compromised. Notify everyone who did not vote in person and let them know they will need to request an absentee ballot or vote in person.