Very Interesting Timing…

Don’t you think? Biden really wants to be in the Saudi’s good graces.

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  1. Open OUR FOCKING PIPELINES! How dam stupid do you hafta be? We've got the richest reserves in the world, WTF are you doing? I swear to God, we are living in some clown world, twilight zone episode.

  2. i get its entirely his energy policies fault that we're in any trouble here at all, but how is letting a 20 FREAKING YEAR GITMO detainee go back home (thousands of miles away from america in saudi arabia) a bad thing tho?!

  3. Holding somebody for 20 years on suspicion without charges shows that the case against them is thin to non existent, they're basically a political prisoner. Technically illegal in any liberal country that follows american or the anglo legal system. But you know, "war on terror" and all that. We're no better than the Saudis, russia or China when we resort to shit like this.

  4. Question in spanish. Tu eres de Honduras, yo soy mexicano. Si me pudieras responder la pregunta sería genial, sino no hay problema. Dejando de lado las excepciones, por que se que no todos los hondureños odian a los mexicanos así como no todos los mexicanos odian y son racistas en la frontera sur de México, por que los Hondureños odian a los mexicanos en general?

  5. (before) Biden : we are going to isolate the Saudi also they are the cause for all the climate disasters with their evil oil definitely not The US and China
    (after) Biden: we are going to visit the kingdom to ask them to break International deals and pump more oil huh what climate agreements lol cmon man

  6. So 1 year for ever 250 murdered on 9/11. No wonder DA offices around the country are letting these POS murdering thugs out immediately. One death gets you a few hours in a hold cell with according to those sentencing standards. Why even bother to prosecute at all at this point? All this so at the end the Saudis can tell Joe to go allaena himself.

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