Vic Parliament Concert live 19th November 2021

This was a great live performance to warm us up for the amazing WWRFF 5.0 that was the next day

these awesome Musicians are Bradley Marshall and Paul Casper

Written by Marty Focker


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  1. The every man's version of shows like "the voice" where great talent is unearthed in an honest organic way. Speaking of "the voice", where are all of the famous great Aussie singers who we have all looked up to and supported for decades? Just wondering, they might be around and maybe I haven't seen any of them. Would be so cool if any of them came out and spoke and sang. I know the lady who's dad wrote we are Australian was there the other day, sorry I don't know her name. She is cool.

  2. Are these the right wing extremist the fake news and dan speak about . Dan seem to be causing alot more problem then these people… maybe they will die of a of a good time

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