VIC: State of Emergency Forever

Shadow Minister for Local Government and Resources Richard Riordan MP spoke to us today on the outrageous dictatorial powers Daniel Andrews is forcing through parliament.

Richard also reassured us of the Liberal Party’s commitment to scrap these totalitarian laws if elected.

Discernable will be studying Bill and making a complete explainer video as soon as possible, so we can all understand exactly what is happening in Victoria.

In the meantime, you can read a draft bill here:


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  1. Does not Australia have a national government above the government of states?
    Secondly I would say that Dan is trying to move his money or have time to hide his corruption trail before they overthrow him.
    What he does is very third world African. Making himself king … forever!?

  2. Wants to use state of emergency and lockdowns to stop him getting the flick when election time comes. He will never go peacefully or concede, he needs to be taken out.

  3. This is not about vaccination or unvaxed!
    If we don't all sign and send a letter to say we don't agree with the
    The Public Health and Wellbeing Amendment (Pandemic Management Bill 2021) democracy will be a thing of the past it is in its 3rd stage once it is voted on and Australia doesn't get enough to reject the bill it is to late. Daniel Andrews will have total power and will not have to ask or be answerable to any authority or citerzens of a Australia. He can have you in rolling lockdowns for the rest of your natural life and control everything in your life. Daniel Andrews is trying to rush this through Parliament in a couple of days and not take the normal process because we are all waking up to what he is trying to reach for
    You think your safe just don't do anything, wait and see unfortunately it will be to late 🇦🇺

  4. The medical industry has been searching for what they call a Blockbuster Drug which can be given to the whole population indefinitely. The phamacutical golden goose, This is that drug or medication main event for the medical industry.

  5. Why do people think they are just going to be vaxed for a few months? Your going to have to stay vaxed indefinitely. The vaccines wane off. The boosters are just another vaccine. May as well put us all on a vaccine drip. That's why I'm waiting for the NOVAVAX stand out to be one of the safest protein based vaccines. COVAX is another ethical safe vaccine. MRNA vaccines are NOT SAFE but if you do have any vaccine make sure they ASPERATE the needle so your not suseptable to Mariocarvists or Periocarvitis. if you have any issues with your "nervous system" then refuse the MRNA vaccines. NOVAVAX IS SAFE tested and will be available in Australia soon. Anyone who gets a jab at the local Bunnings store near gravel roads and car fumes is insane in my view.

  6. Dan China Andrews has to be voted out, he is going to have an expensive advertising campaign to keep himself in power. People need to wake up to this dangerous man before it's too late. If he does win many more people will leave Victoria. The most ruthless leaders in history have used the police force and armed forces to control the people. Dan China Andrews is a TYRANT. Your compliance will be your consent.

  7. Any politician proved to be taking back handers to impose this totalitarianism should be publicly executed for treason. Treason is real, the CCP understand that. These scum are way out of control. Bring back capital punishment for this sort of abuse of power.

  8. Here's my suspicion of how Dan Andrews will do another lockdown (or few): the vaccines will fail, more people will be in hospital. This will happen due to international travellers coming in when international flights start to resume (I think in a few weeks)

  9. Love your work, keep it up!

    Went to hit some golf balls at the driving range on the weekend. Had to prove my "double vax" status. Hmmmm, outdoor recreation requires medical certification?

    I agree with what has been said. Dan Andrews will go down as the most hated politician in the history of this country. He has truly exposed just how corrupt this country has become

  10. I just found out about your channel and it makes me so happy ! Great to see measured, logical and rational reporting on the state of Australia. Looking forward to seeing more of this.

  11. This is war and we are the enemy of a minority of genocidal bio war mongers. We must not comply and if necessary fight to the death and die on our feet not on our knees. We should be rioting continuously in the streets and dragging these evil elite paedophile governed scum out of parliament and take back our Constitutional rights and our birthrights. Our war veterans would be turning in their graves with desecrated memories of those who sacrificed their lives believing that they were dying for the very freedom that these forked tongue politicians are stealing from the Sovereigns people of the land who by rights are the highest authority in the land. Now these scum are threatening to put all us awakened critical thinkers in Covid- Concentration Camps if we refuse to kiss the ring of the masters; well I for one will not bow down to the enemy who want to kill us by a slow painful death from their lethal experimental gene based injections…

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