VICE Employee Explains How Company Got Woke And Went Broke

Vice News is an example of what happens when companies go woke as their common-sense workplace agreement designed to free up their employees to talk about current events collides with the wokeness they voluntarily chose to adopt.


Written by Timcast IRL


  1. There is no problem with a company being a boys' club. Especially post-mee too. Companies need to be allowed to segregate. Men only, women only, white only, black only, etc. I mean, we already have plenty of Jewish only law firms…

  2. I want to start a club called "Boy's Only, no Girls Allowed". The club would have no purpose or mandate, it would just be fun to see how many people would join!

  3. It's a strange thing when someone's identity is wrapped up in a garment or their hair style and they feel they must maintain this look. Examples: Drew Carey's glasses, Fabio's hair, Fro Know's Photo's hair fro, Tim Poole's beanie. Just an interesting decision to make in your career.

  4. Such a shame what happened to Vice. I started watching back when it was just YouTube videos of Viceland Guide To Travel with Shane Smith many years ago. Now it's nothing but woke shit.

  5. Vice and Buzzfeed were the reason I voted for Trump… I was totally on the fence, totally milquetoast, in the middle really not giving a crap about politics. And then boom my feed is full of all this trump hate, and trump supporter hate, and all this woke, socialist bullshit. I thought I was loosing my freaking mind!!!!!!! But lo and behold, here is this post claiming that Trump is a bigoted, homophonbic, xenophobe that hates everyone, so I hit play thinking "is he really that bad?"… Anyways, they managed to edit this video into the ground, making Trump sound exaclty like a nazi, especially with the captioning. It was so obviously edited with jump cuts and at least 15 dip to whites, it was sooooooo bad, I had to look up the original video. Watching the original video it was CLEAR and OBVIOUS that Trump was saying the EXACT OPPOSITE of what the news was claiming.
    Both Vice and Buzzfeed has done this. I don't watch them at all anymore about anything, it's all bullshit, and I WAS INFURIATED because as a human-being I am given the sovereign right of free-will and choice, and for people to be in a position to manipulate and lie to people en masse in-order to circumvent their God-given free-will and free-choice is EVIL. To manipulate someone's perception in order to delude their thinking, is EVIL.
    Well… looks like the same strategy they had in 2016 (which gave them the L) is the same strategy they're trying this season but turned up to 11. More identity politics, more woke politics, more fake bullshit news, more censorship and not bothering to campaign, expecting to sliiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiide into the whitehouse…. same loosing strategy, the very thing that lost them the presidency, turned up to 11.

  6. I loved watching VICE back in the days.
    Not so much now, it’s now main stream “ political” Scripted bullshit. That narrative mostly gets reported with tunnel vision. They now have someone to answer to. Strings attached. You might wanna say the
    Puppet Master’ is VICE.

  7. Gavin McInnis must be laughing his ass off. He sold his part of the company a long time ago from millions and he's laughing laughing laughing. I hope they go out of business one less marxist leftist organization the better

  8. I used to be a Democrat, then I met their radicals……I quit that group afterwards. Definitely not a republican, but I’m voting for them every chance I get. Why?! Here’s why, the left = the ends justify the means. That means they have no morals and your individual life means nothing to them. They will kill you if it gets them what they want. You’re basically just a bag of organs waiting to be harvested……

  9. “Once feelings are established as the barometer of acceptable behavior, speech (and by extension, thought) becomes only as free as the most sensitive group will permit.”

    Charles Sykes