In this video I discuss an episode of Vice News that goes over some of the controversy around the Black Lives Matter Global Network Foundation’s fundraising & where that money is going. The Vice segment features family members of those who died during police encounters as they explain their frustrations.
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  1. On a seperate tangent than the video Successfully suing the city state or a police agency for many of the clear constitutional violations hell even getting police who are serial rapists and murderers is so laughably difficult and costly its not a viable option qualified immunity and the unsupervised latitude to pllice your own organization is inherently corrupt and breeds deeper and more depraved corruption your mindless acceptance of the intrinsic structural flaws in law enforcement is hilariously ignorant and obtuse the elimination of qualified immunity would force police to be better if there was a personal risk to them as it stands police organizations the nation over use taxpayer money to strong arm rob the citizens with no recourse frankly anyone who supports the current organization of American law enforcement should move to china or north korean because thst as far into the topic you are willing to look into

    Qualified immunity is immoral and ridiculously abusive theres no two ways about it

  2. I am super curious as to how they got the number of black people killed by the kkk. I have no opinion on wether its accurate or not, but I feel like that would be hard info to get considering the time period. What do they consider a verified kkk killing? How did they verify the killer was part of the kkk? How did they know there weren't ones that were never known about? Is it an estimate? So many questions I now need to find answers to.

  3. News media like CNN and Fox News SHOULD be showing this kind of stuff as breaking news. If the average, every day person can see what situations are actually bullshit, people can put their time and energy into fighting ACTUAL racism and stuff.

  4. If your son or daughter is committing a crime and the police kill them, don’t blame the police. Blame yourselves for being stupid and lazy. If you donate to BLM it proves they you are still stupid. Oh! Don’t forget to destroy your own community while you are at it.

  5. Hey brother. New subscriber. This video was SPOT FN ON to the information you conveyed, the reaction to the vice video, and your Outlook on the whole shit shebang was pretty much my own sentiments. And how couldn't they be? Any RATIONAL human being is going to reach these conclusions but omg there's less and less rational folk daily. Take care!

  6. I’m disgusted by this. I can’t imagine they lack a steady line of volunteers. Probably even famous people would help out for free. I need to say one thing, you only need to buy the turn tables once!

  7. That's not true there is a way to take away qualified immunity and still get paid. Officers should be required to have insurance to work. That way civilian company this insurance company would determine if an officer is safe to carry out his duties. Other words if an officer has three claims against him so the insurance company decides not to insure him then he can't be a cop. Contractors have to carry insurance on themselves in case they break something so it's not that strange. If a cop thought he could lose his job due to wrongful arrest and he's going to make sure he don't illegally arrest anybody. That's how to fix the system.

  8. The big news story here is NOT that BLM is a Democrat fundraising front for self-proclaimed Marxist shills, but that it took 'news' organization Vice YEARS to actually write an expose on that fact. Welcome to reality as we know it, Vice. Enjoy your stay…

  9. One day, I really really REALLY hope that race grifters like this and the BLM pseudo political party it spawned are held accountable for their actions for what they have done to my friends, my family, my community. Not just mine, but all over the world, in the UK, Europe, The Americas. They took every ounce of out hard work to co exists in peace and have done everything n their power to turn friend on friend and family on each other so they could rake in the money and power. For absolute fucking shame

  10. Whoa whoa! Slow down there, Turbo! I absolutely want to sue the cop personally and not the department or the city. When a cop opened my front door and and fired his weapon into my home, and then arrested me for my outrage, I didn’t want a million dollars from the city or the department. That isn’t their money. I wanted a judgement from the cop personally of just enough money to cost him his house and his fucking car. If that took a million or ten thousand, I’d be just as happy. Money doesn’t fix the violated feeling that you get when a cop illegally enters your home and nearly kills your dog. Punishment does. And the ones punished shouldn’t be the taxpayers, but the offending officer PERSONALLY.

  11. I am in agreement with most of the analysis. I will tell you that for a decade or more before the Michael Brown shooting people didn't move to Ferguson because they wanted to, its because there was no better options for them. Today, if you live in Ferguson it is most likely because you cant afford to leave. As to Vice video there are several shots of locations that are not in Ferguson but viewers are lead to believe it is. To address the oppression and lack of "resources" a library card is and always has been free, and academic scholarships are given to those who put in the work. The underlying problem is lack of parental guidance and a focus on a way of life that doesn't end well.

  12. I watch alot of opinion channels on YouTube including everyone on the Daily Wire. I gotta be honest, you are probably the most well spoken and have such a great ability to explain your platform based on facts and logic. Fantastic channel and I've learned a ton just in the few weeks I've been following.

  13. I’m not sure how this channel is still up on you tube with all the logic and truth that you are putting out there . Surely the corporate overlords want this to stop . Awesome content my friend . I hope you are allowed to continue putting all this useful information out !

  14. Why did BLM never need to prove its narrative when nearly everyone else did? The movement is based entirely on a lie. Brown served himself up. Watch the Sydney and Eli Steele documentary.

  15. That where I disagree with you on qualify immunity. When police department are sued. The city pays in which the people of that city pays in the end result. Why should the regular Joe pay for the accountability of an power tripping police officer?

  16. Why would businesses stay if they burn and loot ???? Investment , why don't these people invest in their own shops ? People don't HAVE. To risk their lives and money in areas where there is looting, these people are thick !

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