VICE Is Officially Dead, Got Woke And Went Broke, Leftists DESTROYED Vice In A ME Too Takeover

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  1. Every time I hear that we’re the leader in the virus I can help but doubt it. Our numbers are being bumped up the same way China’s are lowered. It’s politically beneficial.

  2. They hired young attractive females, and got metooed. It's as if guys will think with their d*ck and females will abuse that prejudice to claim stuff through the law. My ex boss always said "If you hire a secretary, don't take the hot one, it leads to troubles"

  3. I hope this becomes a trend. Liars don't deserve high platforms from which to speak from.
    Edit: Ah, you said they were paid to be this way? I don't think the investment was wasted. Vice was a huge contributor to the mental poison we're dealing with now.

  4. well… maaaaybe they "sold" the company for billions as they wanted to and as return, hire that SJW/WOKE/whatever female.
    but that's just a theory

  5. Found Vice after the doc on a Japanese cannibal who was walking freely in Japan. The lost me after their doc on Zoe and GG. I can comment on a disturbed man who ate a woman and people losing their virginity to donkeys but, comment section is closed on Zoe and GG. That's when I realized they were corporate MSM, and stopped watching.

  6. Myeah used to read the vice magazine weekly when we got it in the bar I used to work in. Those on the ground articles from war zones were awesome, really hope Tim starts something similar of his own, it d he a shame to let something like that just be a fleeting dream of proper journalism

  7. It's simple why their most watched thing right now is a wrestling series, is really well produced, have amazing guests, tell interesting stories not only for wrestling fans and most important of all, they don't push their politics, they only show the known facts and other opinions, never saying what is true or what is not, and even tell people to make their own mind about it.

  8. I predict that Tim will be worth 100s of millions of dollars in 10 to 15 years. He will create something like Vice, but what it should be not what it is. Tim is a crazy hard worker and has the brains a foresight to know where to take a media company. I am looking forward to seeing it happen!

    Good luck Tim!

  9. I used to like watching Vice. Their embedded coverage of the War in Iraq was great. But, then, they started releasing SJW videos. Felt like just another media outlet hellbent to force a liberal agenda.