Victor Davis Hanson | Afghanistan and America’s Decline

In this Direct interview, John is joined by Victor Davis Hanson, Martin and Illie Anderson Senior Fellow at the Hoover Institution. Dr. Hanson addresses Biden’s role in the Afghanistan crisis, increased tensions between China and the US, and the future of the US-Australia relationship. They also unpack the authoritarianism of woke politics, the mounting resistance against critical race theory in the West, and discuss Victor’s upcoming book, The Dying Citizen (October 2021).

Victor Davis Hanson is an American classicist, military historian, columnist, and farmer. He has been a commentator on contemporary politics for the National Review and The Washington Times and is currently the Martin and Illie Anderson Senior Fellow at Stanford University’s Hoover Institution.

In addition to writing hundreds of articles, book reviews and newspaper editorials, Hanson is also the author of twenty-four books. Hanson was awarded the National Humanities Medal in 2007 by President George W. Bush, and was a presidential appointee in 2007-08 on the American Battle Monuments Commission.

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00:00 Introduction
01:45 Afghanistan: America’s Worst Foreign Policy Disaster
08:54 Bipartisan Condemnation of Biden’s Withdrawal from Afghanistan
11:54 Was there ever hope for Afghanistan?
14:10 Didn’t Biden just follow Trump’s withdrawal plan?
21:33 Can the US abdicate its role as leader of the free world?
29:28 Wokeness: Authoritarianism in Disguise
39:29 Can the US be redeemed?
45:19 Will China profit from the fall of Afghanistan?
47:33 What’s the future of the US-Australia relationship?
55:21 Self-loathing in the West
1:01:59 Will the US re-evaluate their objectives in light of Afghanistan and China?
1:10:13 Backlash Against Critical Race Theory in the West
1:16:20 Victor’s Upcoming Book — The Dying Citizen
Conversations feature John Anderson, former Deputy Prime Minister of Australia, interviewing the world’s foremost thought leaders about today’s pressing social, cultural and political issues.

John believes proper, robust dialogue is necessary if we are to maintain our social strength and cohesion. As he puts it; “You cannot get good public policy out of a bad public debate.”

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Written by John Anderson


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  1. I'd really like to hear what VDH has to say about what Carrol Quigley said after the U.S. Military went all volunteer. Quigley said that it was the end of America because the military would become a collection of specialized groups of default mercenary forces that come from small corners of society ditching the idea of the "Citizen Army." It's doubly interesting because it could be argued that the recent "Woke" military was likely only possible due to the change to an all-volunteer military decades before.

  2. Toward the end, VDH begins to agree with Karl Marx – it's all class distinction, and obliterating race and ethnicity by encouraging things like interracial dating and coupling will create a more just society. The problem is that it also eliminates self-identity, and allows easier manipulation and indoctrination into the socialist state. The deeper reason for wanted to eliminate Whites is that people of European ancestry have a deeper foundation in the ideas and traditions of democracy and representative government. There are limits to what can be included in any governing model. Multi-ethnic empires have always failed due to their multi-ethnic nature. It leads to dysfunction. You are either a nationalist and identitarian or you are for the World Revolution. VDH has not yet figured out that. He also doesn't realize that genetics matter; you cannot transfer Western Civilization to non-Western people for management.

  3. As VDH puts the solution the issue becomes obvious; the American Experiment has failed because it has been taken to the extreme. Our Founders never intended for the U.S. to encompass every culture from every nation in the world. They were wise enough to know that it would not work.

  4. Hello troops. Armed forces of the United States of America. I am a Vietnam veteran. I'm writing this to warn you. Your woke generals will order you at some time in the future to fight against the American people in our homeland, the United States of America. If you do not obey the order you will be court martialed to the fullest extent of the UCMJ and possibly even further than that. It will be your decision to comply or not to comply.

  5. Being not informed on politics and this issue. but common sense would be, that when change of leadership happens, the new president has duty to finish the project as set up and agreed even thou new president doesn't support previous administration's commitments.

  6. I strongly believe the next war is going to be China’s doing. Consequently, it’s not going to be a friendly situation where rules of engagement are implemented. It’s going to be a violent action of aggression and destruction.

  7. I agree with the majority of what you both say about foreign policy, though the fact is you both were incredibly short sighted on Iraq. Both of you supported the war at the time and in the face of the most overwhelming evidence that he was a toothless tiger and had nothing to do with 9/11.
    I despise the excuse making and reluctance to admit fault that has taken almost twenty years to come about when it was obvious from day one.
    Rumsfeld died still believing it was a successful war, it’s US arrogance coupled with extreme ignorance like this that isolates you from your allies.

  8. VDH for a guy who lived his life out with school money…his is not very well positionned to lecture anybody…it's easy to be right wing when you sit at the top 5% – shame -and I ain't no woke

    Used to love him…but he's at same stage as Biden in terms of mental health

  9. This is a very dangerous time for the USA. This means a dangerous time for the world. As there will be some idiot, who will think that they can take advantage of the situation.

  10. A fascinating discussion, Victor Hanson's views illuminating and sobering. Obama's view on nuclear empowering of Islamic terror-exporting Iran were not simply irresponsible, they were imbecilic, in my opinion based upon his preoccupation with race, his sympathy toward Islam and resentment of the dominant position in the world of white people. His 2009 speeches to Turkey's parliament and then to the Muslim world from Cairo, displayed what a dreadful liar he is and the inherent racism within him. Cowardice in America determined the lack of criticism from academics and media toward his disgraceful speeches with their fabricated, revisionist history. This was graphic illustration of the growing cowardly spirit within America in which truth has become anathema and lies the order of he day.

    I have yet to fathom how Australia and Britain see any value in joining pandering-to-China America in the new AUKUS agreement. If Biden-America is not prepared to confront China in the manner Trump did, what purpose does AUKUS serve?

    Other than collapse of morals and principles, how else do we explain 2, 3 and 4-star generals in the most unprincipled and prideless manner embracing 'woke' racist rubbish and employing this 'twaddle' to secure highly lucrative jobs outside the military? I have never before in my long life seen the America I once long admired so insane, idiot and dishonest. It is testament to moral and spiritual collapse.

  11. Mr Davis Hanson for what you say in 24:00. The problem with Hellas is that you (the Americans) protect the Hellas from the invation of the communist with arms, but there are a lot of people who have interest (financial, religious ec) with the communist party. And also you had to make work to the propaganda. Americans didn't make propaganda to the people, I mean you make some movies like Rambo ec, you gave money, but you didn't make propaganda to the mass (with communist standards), especially to the north.

  12. 🇺🇲 I am not confused about U.S. politics 🇺🇲 I am concerned about putting up with these drastic actions this President is implementing. This is Wrong ! No One Political party should be able to do this. 🇺🇲 America cannot let this happen. 🇺🇲 The European government's have let this happen, but America? No. Vote these Wayward politicians out of Governing…🇺🇲👍🇺🇲

  13. I am absolutely disappointed that Hanson advocates further aggression against Iran for Israel because she seeks weapons to defend herself. Who gives us the power to tell other countries how the can defend themself of what laws of physics they are or aren't allowed to apply on their weapons? I am forced to assume that Hanson is a NeoCon globalists pretending to be anti neoliberal globalist. This is so disappointing.

  14. Sorry you are not We could use a normal none lyer monsters demonic We had in the last 4 PRESIDENTs who were and are sycophants PEDOPHILOS and stole money from us and made a lot of money of the tragedy of 911 and those who use the soldiers dead body and bring to the USA and this Mafia B us lovely reaper Clinton to distribute drugs comic g to airport in ARKANSAS what a history to tell children and grandchildren the last MAFIAS now the Biden man with Evil Pelosi a d others who are destroying NOW


  15. No doubt, Americans are far too divided to organize and fight back on a massive level needed to kick the embedded enemy including most of the mainstream media. Soon, D.C.'s crime syndicate will outlaw conservative talk radio and every other opposing outlet. Mark my words. It's coming…

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