Victoria Police censored ‘vital’ media coverage of Melbourne protests

Victoria Police censored vital media coverage of Melbourne’s protests by banning the live-streaming of aerial footage, according to Digital Editor Jack Houghton.

On Wednesday the Civil Aviation Safety Authority approved a Victoria Police ban of all helicopters bar their own flying over Melbourne CBD.

“A media blackout,” Mr Houghton said.

“A pathetic attempt by an over-zealous police force which lost control of its own city.

“You deserve to know what’s happening in your city every moment of every day, and in my experience, police only ever want you to stop filming when they are worried about stuffing something up.”


  1. See in the youtube funeral services of young children in Karala even 1 and half year old kids, 10, 13, 16, 18, years old young ones and doctors, see the weeping families and their agony, look, In Srilanka how it is actively killing people everyone want Government to go for a lockdown but government didn’t do it they went after commissions for testing and vaccination at last people locked down their towns and cities, then government forced to lockdown, these are the things really happening in the world so what is your conspiracy theory, Melbourne is still a great city people want government to stop this cowardly acts, damaging property urinated in public places, fighting with police, we selected the government they finish after 5 years, no dramas,

  2. All fool you Australians for voting in Labour Government!
    Haven’t you learned from history that eventually it always leads to communism big brother tyranny!!!
    The left are worse than the right!
    They have murdered billions, far more of the world population than what Hitler did in ww2, yet today it seems acceptable for far left wing politics but not far right!
    It is all wrong and corrupt!

  3. Freedom of the press is worth going to court over… YET freedom from medical mandates isn't? At least the press still have a job. Unlike nurses, tradies, soon to be school teachers. And most concerning of all is the lockout of those who decline the vaxxine. Omgness, no sympathy for the press when they constantly coerce and bully and vaxshame the public. A taste of your own medicine, suck it up and be thankfull you dont get a face full of pepper spray or some cops knee in your back…

  4. You guys are a Joke
    You complain about inhibited broadcasting.
    You don't even cover the news in an unbiased way.
    Rebel News has busted your pro government broadcasting many many times.
    5.10min cant see this can't see that.
    You've been doing it non stop on all Freedom Protests.
    Calling them ciolent when in actual fact most times it has been heavy handed Police instigating such actions

  5. Keep doing what you're doing sky Australia. The UK sky news outlet is firmly marching with the progressive program. The difference between your reporting is stark to say the least. I no longer watch sky news UK with its complete propaganda reporting.

  6. Once "common sense" gun laws are forced upon a people and their ability to pose a real threat to tyranny is muted, government begins to act as leaders instead of representatives and they treat the people roughly. If it isn't checked quickly and completely it will only get worse.

  7. Join forces? You don’t give Avi Yemeni much air time do you? He’s there everyday amongst it getting wafted with pepper spray while you pussies stand on the side lines quivering in your boots, saying yes sir, no sir, three bags full, sir every time a copper frowns at you.

    You supposed to be reporting on the injustices-you only whinge when they limit what you think you’re entitled to.

    If you don’t start reporting on what is really going on, then you’ll lose what little credibility you’ve got left.


  8. Chinstralia…. well done for such an efficient and brutal set of actions against your own people… We went into Syria and Libya to deal with countries that were better than you.

  9. Victoria Police behave like common thugs. Bashing old ladies, body slamming and possibly permanently maiming citizens. Low life thugs who are now trying to censor their over the top thuggish behaviour. Get rid of the low lifes infesting Victoria Police. Thank God for the Federal Court. Thank God for democracy taking the Victoria Police to task for their thuggish behaviour.