Victoria Police, Const Kerrie Adams, Have a Good Day Nunya

Casey Highway Patrol put lights and sirens on only to obtain a name

Written by Nunya Bizness


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  1. I must have watched "EVERY" Nunya video, but this is just by far the best- …….. on a side note, all these poor people passing away an everyone is talking about statues, i perish the thought of nunya going but when he does i hope they build him a huge bronze statue and mount if HIGH outside dandy pig stn!!!!!!!!!!. ( just so the filth have to look at it everyday when they clock on- wasn't gonna say arrive for work hehehe )

  2. Fuck me you make yourself look like a spanner. You could be better than them, you could prove yourself better but no, you just swear and yell and carry on and just behave like a low socio goose. What for?

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