Victoria Police, Powers Have Changed, Mind Ya Own Bizz

In response to these videos uploaded to Youtube over the last 2yrs proving their “No filming allowed” signs are not worth the paper they’re written on, Parliament has now given Victoria Police the power to stop filming in or within the vicinity of police stations

Written by Nunya Bizness


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  1. Dogs should be reported to human rights Commission and have their personal assets seized to award to their thousands of victims then flogged senseless.

  2. they are not police they are gestapo …the minute they started taking orders from the government against the constitution and the people they stopped being police and became gestapo ..

  3. Nunya has balls of steel.
    Cops are too dumb to take on dan and stand down…or they are cheap whores getting cream and gravy jobs via dans labour crime family of unions branch stackers and back door deals.

  4. These are very dark times for Australia. Satanic Freemasons now run the Police & Judiciary, and like everything else that is true the public believes it's conspiracy theories.

  5. Very bizarre. An auditor goes to a police station to film a public interest story for youtube and the police enforce this new law because the police are not happy being held accountable. The auditor is then banned from the police station for 7 days. The next day the auditors son is raped by a catholic priest. But the auditor cannot take his victim son to the police station for 7 days. Are we in China??


    Powers relating to police premises—certain rights not limited
    The powers set out in sections 59A and 59B are not intended to limit—
            (a)     the right of peaceful assembly; or
            (b)     the right to take part in public life by means of lawful protest, advocacy or industrial action.

  7. Nunya should run as an upper house candidate for the next state election. And repeal second 59A. If only a third of his subscribers voted for him, he would win.

  8. 1. I go to the outside of my local police station and take photos. THIS IS ILLEGAL.

    2. I go on google maps and look at the images of my local police station. THIS IS LEGAL. will the state government further amend the legislation after the election to make this a crime too?

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