Victoria Police, Taking Our Rights Back, Remember The Fight Back?

When militarized Victoria police officers used pepper balls, foam baton rounds, smoke bombs and stinger grenades which deployed rubber pellets because the people exercised their human right to protest

Written by Nunya Bizness


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  1. Cops are the establishments Hench men, it's all fraud theatre cops are actors in costumes why do you think they impose acts upon the civilians, it's all an act role play theatre for a nwo shit show. Cops have no authority over anyone it's all bluff bullshit, just like there court system it's all fake garbage. Expose the freemasons orchestrating this evil agenda, it's all fake commercialism adverting Nazi campaigns. Beware of the deceivers.

  2. Yeah sure, I remember the feeling of having protested on the streets for months, before finally the toughest blokes in the state turned up, angry as I had been from the start. I remember how they lasted 3 days, then faked papers, or got injected. Either way, the majority of them complied, and lived on the upper caste side of the "vaccinated ecconomy". I remember them yelling their union bs "every day", after calling out their own union bosses as scabs (lol). Alas, every day turned into 3 days rather quickly, and it was all, in the end, just another pathetic display of nanny stateoids being nanny stateoids.

  3. Never forgive , never forget ! , It wasn't about " health " , It was about compliance , fines , and control , police are armed for war like conditions , when we're a relatively safe country , with no borders around us , we're just a big island in the sea , I had two pso's ,say hello " mate " , to me as I got off the train the other night , I ignored them …

    Let's remember the injured of all ages , hurt by rubber bullets , plastic bullets , pepper spray , and police kicks and fists , over the past couple of years ..
    Let's also not forget people who've died in police custody , when police were meant to monitor their welfare and call for medical help if required ..

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