Victoria Secret COLLAPSES After Going Woke & Failing Epically! CEO Out After MASSIVE Losses!

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Written by TheQuartering

Another social commentary channel but this one the guy has a beard! Let's Talk Games! I talk about issues many of us care about in the gaming industry, comics, and the world at large. Come to hopefully both be entertained & informed about a variety of topics.Thanks for subscribing


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  1. What do traditional super heroes and Victoria's Secret have in common? They are aspirational, which the woke absolutely hate. That's the entire point of the "you're perfect the way you are" garbage. They don't want anybody to try to improve themselves.

  2. There's a very simple fix to all of this. Stop putting SJWs in charge of anything. There is an abundance of their failure to clearly show it. Corporations are only doing this because they are getting bailed out with our tax money. Once that stops, they know they are f*cked and will change their tune real quick, like we are starting to see play out. Demonizing the core consumer for niche audiences is not a smart business strategy. But hey, the galaxy brains know what's best for business and will go down with the ship as we continue to laugh at them.

  3. You know why men are attracted “THE PERFECT BODY TYPE” it’s the SAME REASON females are attracted to the perfect male body form, with muscles and strong,
    It’s because it’s naturally healthy and you know a person is extremely healthy and WELL KEPT, prior to PURSUING for courtship and subsequently mating if all goes well, and when two healthy humans mate and have children there is a SIGNIFICANT SURVIVABILITY RATE FOR THE BABY IN THE WOMB, and the man being at peak physical fitness is able bodied and can use his body and mind to PROVIDE for the female and family, growing family, the female being pregnant, can’t really do much physically and nor should she have to, but that’s where the house wife and work horse husband comes from, not because the female shouldn’t be working or don’t want to be no, that’s incorrect, it comes from in the past females had many children and subsequently were at home more because they were bearing the children, and because the woman was at home, and kids couldn’t work at that young age they took care of the children , while the men worked the fields and built the home and made it bigger if they had to,
    Listen peopel all you need is food and shelter and love, to live a long lasting life, the rest is all bullshit

  4. I don't drive a racecar but I do drive a car. The sizes that are used to sell their underwear is to show and demonstrate the product! Went Woke and Went Broke! Lots of CEO's did the same thing and the pattern is still going too.

  5. I used to buy bras from them because they had wireless bras that were shapely, comfortable, and lasted. Now they have next to no wireless bras, and I regret attempting to go with their underwire options. They're so uncomfortable. I thought, since I was paying a lot, it'd be more comfortable, but nope. Went to a different store the last time I bought a bra and now I almost never touch my VS ones. All this nonsense just solidifies my choice never to go there again.

  6. This is the problem companies don’t seem to understand. You can force people to say what you want with threats to their reputation or employment, but this does not extend to spending their money

  7. Victoria's Secret angels were a dream, not simply beautiful women, but something like a different, superior race; and we, normal people, liked to dream, even if we perfectly know that kind of body and shape are not for us. The mistake has been to think that those girls were establishing a 'standard' of beauty, unreachable and frustrating for the regular woman; it was not, just a woke dumb could think that, everyone not living in a delusional state of mind perfectly know that those girl are not 'normal', are a species of their own, and for that can't establish any kind of standard. Instead, the new management tried to get a new standard, where regular people should find middle aged, oversized woman and even trans, 'sexy'; really? Not enough, they hired as model some lesbians, not normal women who like other women, but 'activists' with hair everywhere, shaved heads, ugly tattoos and blue or pink hair. They stole our dreams, men's and women's ones, and deserved what they got

  8. So funny that they wanna have plus size models when they have never carried enough bigger sizes. It wasn't the modeling that was the problem it was their selections.

  9. I have a theory for this. Yeah, you can call it a conspiracy theory, downplay it, I don't care. But something tells me these companies are being paid by and told to do these woke campaigns by the ultra rich elite. It makes no sense. Go woke, go broke is something that's been happening for years and years, these companies know woke campaigns do not work. They have really smart people working for them to do marketing, I highly doubt they'd be this dumb to realise it's a bad move. They study demographics, they study everything. The rich elite are trying to push a certain discord onto people, and they do not need to convince everyone. They just need the minority of people to be the loudest, enough to cause division and distraction.

  10. Honestly Victoria's Secret are doing more harm than good. There are plenty of people who would find a plus size woman, or manly woman attractive, but even none of them want to look at them in an advertisement for lingerie.

    This is not just a clothing thing. Do you want to go to restaurant and see pictures of what the food you get actually looks like, or what it looks like when intentionally made to look more delicious, juicy and appetizing?

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