Victorian Corrections Officer SPEAKS OUT

Gavin is putting his career on the line to SPEAK OUT!

He is willing to go all the way even though he has no idea what the future will hold, and how difficult it will be.

This is an inspirational interview we all need to see.

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  1. I feel sorry for this guy I think it’s disgusting what they’re being paid and the way they’re being treated so to all the present Work is good on you and I hope I hope the government to step up and start paying you guys more I mean it would be one of the toughest jobs ever

  2. Gavin a very intelligent & brave man. Thanks mate and I trust your workmates will give you 100% support and if they don’t they clearly have the complete opposite of your character attributes.

  3. Very true it is saying about the revolving door prisons in the state of what some of these men have to go through you know personally I know people that have been in and out of jail and some of them really good men and it's really sad to see don't trust them with my life💕

  4. It is absolutely and money making machine and as a youngster my uncle always told me it was and he said that they always like people to be doing bad things because it gives them more power and more money

  5. Good on you guys.

    Those in power know the reason for "health policy" and tyranny.

    Taxi drivers and shoeshine boys recommending stocks.

    My ten year old niece and her school friends recommending Elon Musk and Tesla.

  6. Agree with everything apart from that this government is Communist or Socialist…
    These politicians has no ideology, no thinking and no projects. It’s happened all over Europe for the past 20 years.

  7. They’re talking about that in the UK and it’s a global issue lawyers from all over the world exactly the same thing and I am including military police are governments are you name it so I tell the police force wake up will you better wake up quick because Ricardo bossy is not telling a furphy if the storms coming I say to the police for God sake you did the wrong thing start doing the right thing you’ve got a handful of left you know you’re not gonna win this guy did the governments aren’t gonna save you the government aren’t going to be saved for God sake wake up

  8. Just say regardless this guy is brilliant he’s got morals and decency I’ve got a lot of respect for this guy I really do and I’m sure all the people out there will agree with me so I wish him the very very best of luck and I’m sure that people can those that are working cannot put in hand and look at with where we go one we go all it’s a simple as that no matter where you are in the world

  9. Finally an officer with conscient speak up. The money making scheme of the correction system has been for decades because no on cares. I have talked to the volunteers who goes to prison every week have been screaming into the void. All they want is to keep as many inmate as possible and as long as possible. And set the inmate to major failure when release so they can keep their "return customers"!

  10. Global bio-terrorist operation COVID-19 = A 'Promised Land' of opportunities for organized crime, corrupt politicians and 'public servants', including corrupt police officers, drug dealers, opportunistic journalists, nurses and physicians, COVID Marshalls, human traffickers, contact tracers, climate change commissioners, social distancing ambassadors, public safety officers and safeguarding officers, so called.

  11. I quit corrections in 2016 exactly because l felt the DOJ was not at all interested in rehabilitating offenders but rather promoting the revolving door. This man is absolutely speaking the truth.

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