Victorian Election BETRAYAL!

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How disappointing it is that after years of work, those who are causing the problems with the election are some ‘freedom’ parties. Nothing much would have been said if it wasn’t for the strategic recording and release of the video with Glen Druery.

Parties that have not worked with Druery: Freedom Party of Victoria, One Nation, Family First, Angry Victorians.


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  1. This is why all parties should be banned.. each politician should stand on their own and be accountable for their own choices and answer to the people they are supposed to be representing.

    This is party politics 101… It doesn't matter what country. It works pretty much the same way across all countries.

  2. Thank you for your ethics and intergrity you are a champion. Druery is responsible for the passing of Dans discusting pandemic powers by the puppets he put in parliment his sick evil bragging of setting up Sack Dan Andrews puppet manipulation he needs to be on corruption charges.

  3. The entire election should be stopped.

    Like most so called politicians, this deceitful Druery guy is is as crooked as a dogs hind leg. 😞

    Name dropping some of the most corrupt persons that hide behind the walls of Parliament House. 😠

    Thanks Sam. ❤

  4. Absolute Excellent Exposure.
    I have felt for quite a few yrs now that these Freedom Movements have been infiltrated by those we're fighting against, they seem to have it all Stitched up, voting hasn't worked for many decades now.
    Selected not Elected.

  5. We should have all knows about his preference deals for many years but the fact he was creating shelf parties and then finding candidates to stand in them was a huge revelation.

  6. It does not matter who wins, the two wings to vote for are from the same bird. All around the world the left or right was in power and they did what they were told to do by a higher secret power. Our "leaders" and i use that term loosely, are just puppets.

    There is 13 layers to the triangle, the masses are at the bottom, the cops who can't see what they are protecting are the second layer, our pollies the third, and then above that, those ten layers most people have no idea the power that is within them controlling the world.

    This show is far from over, the last three years is just a warm up of what is to come. Strap in and hold on tight, you ain't seen nothin yet!

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