Victorian Police hospitalised another peaceful protester

They threw her to the ground, now being taken to hospital in ambulance – at St Kilda Police
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  1. As if we haven’t been shouting from
    The rooftops, for over a decade that THIS was coming. 80% still laughed and called us conspirators. Well, looks like we were, unfortunately correct! Time to fight back

  2. Australia, you're the great experiment. World leaders are watching you to see how you react. If you sit back and take it, they'll feel confident about implementing tyranny world wide.

  3. Police have gone mad , they have lost control. This needs to stop before ppl go mad and start harming them in return. What has happened in Australia???

  4. Shame you Aussies will have to WAKE UP SOON before it's too late . Hold the line !!!!!! This Tyranny is creeping in the UK as well . The SHEEPLE are part of the problem get a backbone time is running out.