Victorian universities introduce mandatory ‘WOKE’ classes

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Victorian universities introduce mandatory ‘WOKE’ classes. Regards, 🐻

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  1. When I was in college back in the day I don't think there was ever an out loud mandatory policy to attend woke classes but they snuck them into your curriculum no matter your major. The woke was spreading even then.

  2. I study at Massey University in New Zealand and one of the compulsory courses for all humanities degrees is "Identity in NZ" whereby we have to agree that white people are trash, we need to agree with lgbtq agenda or be bigots, we need to support abortion and vaccine mandates or be "nazis with no real purpose". The lecturer recorded herself saying so. I'm really struggling but I'm afraid of complaining lest they fail me and I have to take the class all over again next semester.

  3. Funny thing is, they probably think this is for the betterment of the world or something, but I doubt they can guarantuee that this whole social engineering won't have the exact opposite effect. This makes normal everyday people like me already pretty angry.

  4. Force young adults to go thousands of dollars into more debt for woke indoctrination to support people who took out a micky mouse degree and cant find a useful job elsewhere.

    I think some administrators need a lesson on consent.

  5. They occupied a country, others showed up and took it over. That is the history of the planet. If you lose you lose. You don't get to have some b.s. "claim" on what your ancestors failed to defend/create. And not to mention everyone is a lot better off thanks to the civilization and technology brought and the hard work and lives lost defending…

  6. These are the Reich"s racialist policies using the same racial hierarchy chart Hit-ler used .Look it up on Wikipedia . This is "The race based selection process" Race Race Race .The government is taking our individuality and reducing us to their collective racialist categories ……..AGAIN !!!!!!! complete with a special scapegoat race white sue pre man cissisttst .Our institutions are run by idiots and A holes .

  7. Indigenous history and consent, whats the bet they were never taught a common punishment in those abo communities was rape, it's normally gang rape as well, oh also they found half their women would die from abuse

  8. This isn't new. I started college in 2018 at a university in Alabama and even there I was required to complete several s3xual health, relationships, and dating modules or else I would not be allowed to graduate.

  9. honestly, if you need to teach people about consent at such an age, give them a straightforward yes or no quiz, and if they fail, report them for crime or therapy. also, WTF kind of people are being enrolled if they need such a thing?

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