Victorians gather on state parliament steps to protest proposed pandemic laws

The Andrews government’s amended pandemic management bill will go in front of the Victorian parliament today but despite the changes, protesters are on state parliament steps calling for the bill to be scrapped.

There are over 100 protesters thought to be on the steps of parliament as the crowd grows in an attempt to stop the legislation.

Changes to the pandemic bill came in overnight with the pandemic declaration only to be made on reasonable grounds, maximum financial penalties were halved, and characteristics must be relevant to risk.

Reference to Equal Opportunity Act has also been scrapped, which may have allowed for the government to discriminate against people on the basis of political beliefs or religion.


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    – Psychopathic press destroy Information
    – Psychopathic religious leaders destroy Divine Guidances & Morals
    – Psychopathic inhumans destroy beliefs in GOD & Grace but they believe in devil & evil
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    – Psychopathic banking systems destroy Economy…

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