“Victorians Have Had Enough of Daniel Andrews”

With polls indicating an easy win for Daniel Andrews in Victoria come November, there are reports everywhere from multiple and politically diverse sources that the groundswell of anger is not being reflected.

The anger amongst normal, everyday Victorians for a Premier who is repeatedly ‘dismissive and condescending’ is real, but so are the polls.

We are told both that Daniel is popular by a huge majority, and that he is hated by a huge majority. We are dealing with mutually exclusive facts right now, and one side is very wrong.

Daniel’s sudden failure to appear on the campaign trail, including at massive PR wins like the Grand Final, would indicate that he believes he is not personally popular for Labor’s campaign. But we won’t truly know until Nov 26 what the people think.

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  1. He seems to be throwing money around like a packet of Smarties. No wonder why Australia is in debt See how many people fall for all the shit that’s going on now he’s trying to look like a goody-goody and they’re trying to improve things when things are getting even more worse before the elections

  2. Problem is, without accountability and transparency we can just as easily vote in the next fool to phuck us over. We're essentially in a dictatorship with a short-term voting cycle which parades as a democracy. Sorry but I'm pissed at andrews and the inadequate system…

  3. The reason he is 'supposedly' ahead is only due to the Liberal Party being so pathetic. They have a so many things to hit Labor with but they don't. The Liberal Party needs to be The Liberal Party, not some light green Labor light. Look what just happened in Italy, people are ready to embrace a big right turn.

  4. We’ve had more than enough. He is a dirty tool. What about the 800 who died in hotel quarantine, 256million wasted on the michelham camp, the triple zero, the hospital systems, the wasteful roads, the dirty rotten treatment of parents who don’t comply with the transitioning of kids to transgender operations, who is going to look after these kids when they get septicaemia from the operation, who will look after them, not I said Dan, not I said Janet, not I said Brett… the grooming of kids to sexually abuse kids, etc etc… sorry he is not a responsible father nor a leader if he allows our children to be sexually abused. Family is life, family is the only way, unity is the only way and so is freedoms and being able to speak up. The identity pronouns and the identity politics, enough already… speak up and be proud…. We are all human beings but it all appears to be a game to these people. Family is all, and if no one likes this concept, just remember that your lives started within families with parents etc etc…..

  5. I too am sick of Andrews, and I cannot understand why the polls are telling us otherwise. Andrews always has a smug smirk on his face, and the voting public should swipe it off come November.

  6. I have never hated anyone so much as I do Dan Andrews, he is evil to the core very similar to Jacinta and Trudeau, three evil manipulators of the worst kind, WEF puppets

  7. Great edit of the interview; good work discernable team 🎉

    It’s amazing for me to read other comments who are still buying into the whole “us vs them” divisionary politics and are surprised by polling and media spin.

    The whole narrative is indicative to me how much of an effect the media (in all its corporatised forms) has on the terrestrial and popular social media consuming populace.

    Surely we are better focussing on our similarities rather than differences to unite and overthrow tyrannical dictatorships?

    Have spent far too much time and energy trying to understand what those in positions of “power” have been offered/shown/blackmailed with to inflict the damage they have executed on society.

    It would want to be something pretty amazing; like time travel, eternal life, invisibility or a Teflon coating. Obvious exclusions are the 28 names from the Woods Royal commission. But that’s common knowledge now isn’t it?

    These “leaders” are all puppets and will be scapegoated soon..

    Beware those offering the solution to that which they caused.

  8. He’s right. I voted for Dan in the past, and I cannot wait to vote to get him out. First time I’ll be voting liberal at the state level. I’ve never hated a politician as much as I hate Dan.

  9. It's simply not possible for me to adequately communicate my rage and burning hatred for this man, and his band of sycophants and quislings. So many have moved on, and here I am only two nights ago ranting with pure anger to my wife about this man and what he has done. Only last night did I speak to my mother for half an hour of our mutual hatred of Dan Andrews. To give some context, my Mum was a lifelong Labor voter, and now she is ashamed of herself. She utterly despises him, as does my father. My Dad said he would truly love to put a you know what in his head, and he never speaks like that… He also refers to Vicpol as the worst names possible, repeating here would see my comment banned, yet he was a lifelong supporter of Police, to the point of embarrassment. He now knows better at the age of sixety something… This Government ruined my life, my business, my physical and mental health. They have also mentally injured my children quite severely, and that I will not forget… Though mine is just a story of hundreds of thousands of untold horror this monster has inflicted upon us good and innocent taxpayers and citizens. He chose to completely disregard the rule of law, believing he can imprison without charge or right to defence, arbitrarily and indefinitely. He believes he could just ruin thousands of businesses and livelihoods, the manner in which we feed our children. I am unemployed, it is so demoralising, after building a business from scratch seven years ago, then seeing it die before my eyes, with big Government and big medicine the executioner. Nobody I know got sick, nobody…. Though currently I've never been more unhealthy, and before this medical tyranny I was a hyper fit martial artist, now just a shadow of his former self. I have an autoimmune disorder that flared terribly from the stress of medical home detention, my livelihood stolen, and constantly being threatened by salivating violent Police. There will be a reckoning one way or another, but in the meantime I continue to fight for my mental health and my family. God Bless all you good people. I'm so sorry we had to endure this completely unnecessary act of state based terror. We will move forward, though divided, at least we know where we stand, and we won't be caught napping next time round. 🙏

  10. The problem is, Matthew Guy just seems to be completely tone deaf. He doesn't even talk about most of the things people care about.
    We all know Daniel Andrews deserves more consequences than to lose the election, but it's almost like Matthew Guy is trying to give him another chance by crippling his own campaign.
    Whoever wins, it won't be on their own merits.

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