Victoria’s Bitter Beer TV Ad – (Lockdown Version)

A satirical remake of the Victoria Bitter Beer ad sent in by one of our viewers. Check out his work @NoAgenda

Written by Aussie Cossack


  1. A 1,000 bed quarantine facility by Wellcamp Airport near Toowoomba is set to be complete March 2022. Make no mistake. The Australian government is planning mass murder at this concentration camp!

  2. Tht is just the most heart wrenching thing to see, when a baby like tht cries for his momma!!! What sick, insane, ass kissy, cowards they ARE!!! U can bet tht THEIR kids aren’t being done like tht!! It’s time for them so called “adults “ to be treated the way tht they have been doing others!!

  3. Daniel Andrews, Victoria Police, the CFMEU, Victorian Labor Party, Victorian Liberals, Victorian Greens, Victorian sex party, members of the Victorian media and Victorian athletes who refused to take a stand need, to have there heads hung under the Hoddle street bridge.

  4. Today Is the first day of having to close my business in transport and the start of waiting the day the bank come and take my house and business assets for not been able to pay my bills and best of all my kids can learn what it means to starve and all these for our protection

  5. Maybe do one for NSW based on the old TOOHEY'S add
    I feel like a toohey
    I feel like a toohey
    I feel like a toohey or two
    And qld
    I can feel a xxxx coming on
    A ute load of xxxx in the back of the old fj or hr one bloke said to the other " what about something for the ladies "
    Puts a couple of bottles of cherry on top and the whole ute collapsed. The other bloke said " I think we over did it with the cherry "